Dead Trigger Android game free, iOS paid

In the mobile space when it comes to games there is of course a lot of piracy going on, and apparently game piracy is the main reason Dead Trigger for Android is now available for free, as even with Dead Trigger for Android commanding a price tag of just $0.99, this didn’t stop the game being pirated.

According to a statement over on the Dead Trigger Facebook page, due to the piracy rate on Android being unbelievably high the makers of Dead Trigger, Madfinger Games have now made the Android version of the first person shooter zombie game free.

In response to dropping the price of Dead Trigger for Android, Madfinger Games posted that they wanted to make the game available to as many people as possible, and that was why the game was offered for just a buck, but even at that low price the piracy rate was so large they decided to make Dead Trigger for Android available for free from Google Play.

However the maker does point out that Dead trigger for Android is not a freemium app, and that all players are able to play Dead Trigger without in-app purchases.

As such, Dead Trigger for Android can now be downloaded to your chosen Android device for free by hitting up Google Play, although thus far Madfinger Games hasn’t made the iOS version of Dead Trigger for free, and still commands a price tag of $0.99 from iTunes.