Galaxy Tab 10.1 now gaining ICS update

If you happen to be the proud owner of a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, and have been patiently awaiting the arrival of the Android Ice Cream Sandwich update to hit your slate, you just might like to know that finally old Samsung has got round to releasing the ICS update for the Galaxy Tab 10.1, and has begun pushing the update out to the aforementioned slate along with others.

According to a report over at Sammobile, old Sammy will update most of their tablets to Android 4.0, and have begun with rolling out Android Ice Cream Sandwich to the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, Galaxy Tab 7.7, Tab 7.7 WiFi, Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus and 7.0 Plus WiFi.

Those that own one of the above Samsung tablets can hook up their slate to their computer and use Samsung Kies to grab the ICS update, or you can hold off for a while and wait for the update to hit over the air, which you would require a solid WiFi connection for.

Apparently the next Sammy tablets to receive the Android Ice Cream Sandwich update are, the GT-P6210 Galaxy Tab Plus 7.0 WiFi, the GT-P6200 Galaxy Tab Plus 7.0 WiFi + 3G, the GT-P6810 Galaxy Tab 7.7 WiFi, GT-P6800 Galaxy Tab 7.7 WiFi + 3G, the GT-P7310 Galaxy Tab 8.9 WiFi, the GT-P7300 Galaxy Tab 8.9 WiFi + 3G, the GT-P7510 Galaxy Tab 10.1 WiFi, and lastly the GT-P7500 Galaxy Tab 10.1 WiFi + 3G.

So there you go, we’d like to hear from any of our Samsung Galaxy tablet owners out there if you have received the Android 4.0 update to your slate yet, and if so did everything go well or have you experienced any problems, feel free to let us know by posting in our comments area below.


67 thoughts on “Galaxy Tab 10.1 now gaining ICS update”

  1. Culu2012 says:

    I was trying to look for an update ICS for my samsung galaxy tablet 10.1 wifi version……but could not do it cause in US there is not ready yet? ??
    However, I did OTA for my cell samsung galaxy s2 with ICS yesterday 7/31 very EASYand fast! love it cause it runs very smooth! ! Now my Tablet? ??? If anyone in US. ?.knowing how or when please let me know 😉 thx:-)

      1. Thehatch03 says:

        I checked mine about 10 times last night and yet no update. Did you do it OTA or via Kies?

  2. Steltek says:

    Only available ib UK and sone other EU countries. Mine’s not part of the list as usual. 🙁

  3. JSJ says:

    In UK with Galaxy Tab 10.1 GT-P7500. I’ve connected to Kies on my PC, says the firmware is up to date but still on Android 3.2. Tried switching off autorun.

    I have Galaxy Note with ICS and it is so much better. 

    1. Adam says:

       Yep – same issue here – saying I have the latest issue (tab 7.0 plus on 3.2)…

      1. Alex Lillo says:

        Same here. GT-P7500 connected to my mac via Kies and says there’s no firmware update (using 3.2 currently).

        (After losing 1 hour to manage to connect it, of course)

  4. Twinkiestar says:

    Samsung taking piss releasing update so late
    All other budget tabs have received Ics update
    I still haven’t got Ics on my galaxy tab 8.9 wifi
    They should give us jelly bean

  5. Stephen171 says:

    Just updated my galaxy tab 10.1 to ICS no problems so far. Some nice new features added…at last…

  6. E_ecruz says:

    I am done with samsung. They cannot spell customer service because their interest is focus on us to buy a new phone or tablet. If they upgrade to the latest os, they figure we will not upgrade the devicesv as often.è
    Also, i am tired of all the little problems with android in general, force close all the time, etc. Google need to rethink the way they are handling their os. C`mon, a change from 4.0 to 4.1 does not require a new name or a total upgrade. It should be handle as a simple update.
    So, here i am waiting for ics for my 8.9 gt and my epic 4g touch. Most likely i get to my cell upgrade sooner. Here i come iphone 5, with support for years, unlike samsung where you might get months.

    Anyone wants to buy a like new 8.9 gt, cheap. I am getting a new ipad and leave all this amateur stuff behind. I need my phone to work 100%. Google, samsung, et. al dont get it. Phones are necessary tools in todays world. They cant be putting out softwre that make phones unusuable, like so many have said in forums.

    Amateur hour is over. And when windows 8 comes out, plus Apple ios, Google boys are going to have to become professionals real fast.

    1. tong_its says:

      i think sony (previously sony ericsson) fares the worst in terms of software up-to-datedness, usually 1 or 2 versions behind the current version. for example, in 2010 the xperia x10i, their first android handset and flagship came with 1.6 donut while other handset makers were shipping 2.1 eclair. laggard sony (ericsson) did not even offer a 2.2 froyo update and rolled out 2.3 gingerbread very late in the game and on the clamor of angry customers. this doesn’t mean samsung is prompt. it is also lagging behind, tho i think you’ll agree sony is the biggest laggard of them all.

      1. Andrei says:

        My Sony Xperia Neo V is already update to ICS while Samsung tablet is not 🙂

    2. mooshy says:

      Shut up, samaung has the same 1 year warrenty as apple, i have the update so stop your bitching. Also you can actually download and view documents, i have the galaxy tab 10.1and galaxy s2 LTE. I rather have my widgets than a screen full of icons any day.

  7. David Flint says:

    Tried updating with Kies, transfer stopped at 17%. Kies recovery also freezes at 17%. So tried using Odin with the official rom and that just sits at system.img forever.
    one dead 10.1 🙁

  8. Vivek says:

    I am not able to connect My tab 10.1 GT P7500 to Kies so unable to get the upgrade.
    I can see the GT P 7500 in Explorer and  in open and copy files to the TBA. But KIES keeps sending me on a never ending loop. “It says device was not able to connect. Unplug the the device and reconnect.” Tried all the USB ports on 3 computers running XP and Win7.

    Any advice on connecting to KIES or is there any other way to upgrade as OTA is not available in this area yet.

    1. mel897 says:

      Yes. Go to Settings - about device – Software Update – Update. If you are connected to WiFi it will ask if you want to check for an update. If it’s available, it will only install if battery is fully charged… best to leave it hooked up to the charger. I was never able to get Kies to work either, and it’s ridiculously large bloatware anyway. BTW, ICS is not available in Canada yet. They have to build regional versions because the suite of standard apps varies.

    2. Ongtk says:

      Try installing the driver for your Tab. I have same problem but was ok after reinstalling Windows driver.

    3. Aditya says:

      i had the same problem. but it can be connected to kies after factory reset.
      no ics update avalable in india though.

  9. Brady_philip_008 says:

    Im having serious issues, my keyboard doesnt work any more and it just keeps popping up a message every 30 seconds saying unfortunatly samsung keyboard has stopped working, the browser doesnt work, nor do most of the other apps, music player is slow to open and half of my album art that worked previously doesnt work any more. i have basic functionality i can select things in the menus so hopefully samsung can just send a patch and i can download it via wifi but this is the second time an update has screwed my tablet, last one bricked it completly.

  10. F Bolles says:

    The keyboard no longer has a tab key! The update is a failure as the only program I use requires the tab key to perform the desired tasks.

    1. mel897 says:

      “Hackers KB” is good and “Tablet KB” is also very good. Tablet KB has a useful split mode for thumb typers.

  11. Nick Arthur says:

    I’m Nick from Malaysia and the update is available OTA for my tab 10.1. Downloading it this very minute.

  12. Steve says:

    No update yet for my 7500 64gb WiFi 3g either via Kies or direct. Anybody else in UK had update for this model?

    1. PeedOff says:

      16gb wifi 3G version here on vodafone, still no update!

      This is becoming a farce of all farce’s!

  13. Just updated my wifi 10.1 today. I love it, my tablet responds a lot faster now and is less sluggish. Trying to enable the face recognition security screen lock function, but it looks like I’ll have to download an app.

  14. pamela says:

    I checked mine last night over wifi and it was there so now chuffed that my 10.1 wifi model now has ICS. Defo a big improvement

  15. diablo9420 says:

    I cant watch youtube videos threw the internet app anymore p, and i have the adobe flash plugin, other than that, my tablet still crashes randomly when using the internet, and lags some times only problems i have with it

  16. across93 says:

    My mother just bought a galaxy tab 10.1 2, the keyboard was a nice black one with the numbers at the top, very sleek and organized looking, but when i updated that she lost it to some retarded looking/feeling keyboard, when i upgraded my origional 10.1 to ics my key board is still the same, ive seen no real difference other then some appearance changes (battery and wifi icons are a deffinate downgrade) and i still have the same old issues and some new ones, how is this an update?

  17. jose castilloJr says:

    Will the ICS update OTA version be available in the Philippines?If so when?,or there is no update at all,samsung is just letting its consumers to wait for nothing.

  18. ghe says:

    Ok – bought a 64k wifi and 3g 10.1 at Christmas – my partner has an ipad and i wanted to see what the galaxy tab had to offer – must say I’m now pretty disillusioned with the level of support Samsung have provided their customers in comparison to apple I still can’t seem to get the upgrade via wifi – haven’t yet tried kies as i felt when i initially used it that it was pretty rudimentary so not in the habit etc. Even when i do get this upgrade i will still not be on the latest version of android and am wondering how long it will take to get That! Was considering getting a galaxy note instead of my iphone but this is really starting to put me off… The hardware seems good and i like android – I don’t like the idea of any company getting too all-encompassing nd felt apple were – but Samsung need to sort this stuff out asap after all – i haven’t had this kit for very long and it’s getting more obsolete by the day:-/

  19. richard says:

    I download the update everything works except for flash on the web i talk i know its no longer supported just wanted to know if there other ways around it.

  20. Nehad Khan says:

    i have a samsung galaxy tab 10.1 its updated easily without any difficulties and its running smooth ICS 4.0.4 on my tab looks gr8 i am from Hyderabad,India

  21. I’ve recently done the update to android 4.0.4 and it is doing my head in, it takes about 3 minutes to update my facebook status which usually takes about 10 seconds! I was going to reset my tablet to its factory settings to remove the update but i have a BIG problem! When i connect the tablet to my latop, it won’t allow me to transfer any files, it just causes windows explorer to crash. So if i do a factory reset i will lose all my saved files, music etc 🙁 It will however let me transfer files from the laptop to the tablet which is strange. To be honest I’m really dissapointed, i loved my tablet before the update and now i feel like throwing it outta the window! Grrrrr

  22. john says:

    no official release date for gt 10.1 3g ,so said Linda of Samsung on-line support centre ,on Friday 14/09/012

  23. Ba Khan says:

    Me too done with the Samsung.. My tab GT P6200 waiting for the ICS update for months and now the year is about to end but still no update.
    Boy back to iPad..

  24. Ba Khan says:

    Me too done with the Samsung.. My tab GT P6200 waiting for the ICS update for months and now the year is about to end but still no update.
    Boy back to iPad..

  25. silvia says:

    It ‘s here for the uk version 64gb gt-p7500 downloaded and installed it via OTA on monday 16th sept 2012

  26. mimi317 says:

    I cannot get videos and my facebook (desktop) version is buggy! everything seems buggy…. please help!

  27. Dave777 says:

    You can get it in Canada by playing a nasty trick. Reset it to factory, then set it up like you live in USA. A day or two later you will get the upgrade prompt. I did this with my P7510 and it worked great.

    I can only guess at why Canadians don’t get it and UK, USA does. Maybe it is the BS of dealing with UK and Quebec French languages? I have no clue but I couldn’t care less about Quebec French…so the above option would work for the 72% of us Canucks that don’t speak any PQ french.

    Don’t waste your time with Kies. It is known to be hopelessly broken for the Tab 10.1 devices. It may work after a factory reset, but when updates come through, it will fail.

  28. jane says:

    i received automatic download of android 4 ics over the air via wifi. very straightforward process. everything working fine and seems to be faster and smoother than honeycombe.

  29. PeedOff says:

    It wouldn’t be so bad if Vodafone actually told people when it will be instead of waiting around like a fool!

  30. I got the update a couple of months ago and can hardly use the tablet. It did not interface well for me. My husband did not get the upgrade on his yet and it works perfectly. Social media sites are slugish and can not respond. Web sites wont let me access info just loads for hours. I am a realtor and I had to start using dolphin because it wont upload my MLS, so for me.. complete fail.. I am back to my lap top.

  31. Buttocks says:

    Yeap it updated my 8.9 WIFI last night, no errors, easy and took about an hour to complete. lost some links and apps but works better than before, faster, easier and some great new features,