Galaxy Note 2 raises questions as excitement mounts

The original Samsung Galaxy Note smartphone was a huge hit and surprised many pundits who thought the display of the device, described by some as a phablet, was simply too big. Rather than become a niche device the popularity of this phone has been immense and excitement is now mounting ahead of the release of the Galaxy Note 2, bringing a few questions to mind.

We’ve been bringing you news on the Galaxy Note 2 as we hear it including the expecting unveiling on August 29 at IFA in Berlin. Plenty of leaks about the device have come to the surface suggesting we can expect a Note 2 with a 5.5-inch flexible AMOLED display with resolution of 1280 x 720, an increase in display size from the 5.3-inch original Note. A quad-core Exynos processor, LTE connectivity, 1.5GB of RAM and 13-megapixel camera have also been rumored although nothing has yet been confirmed.

The success of the Galaxy Note 2 already looks assured after the original Note achieved enormous sales and there’s a huge level of interest in the Note 2. However there are still some things not known that could impact this success prompting some serious questions. One of those is which operating system the Galaxy Note 2 will launch with? Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich is what many were originally expecting to see but of course now that Android 4.1 Jelly Bean has been unleashed we reckon Samsung could pick up a serious amount of extra sales by releasing it already running Jelly Bean. If it arrives with ICS we think a lot of people could be disappointed.

This leads us to the question of a release date and whether U.S. consumers will once more have to wait longer than those in other regions? Although we expect to see the reveal on August 29 there’s no news yet on an official release date but we expect it to arrive in Q4. If it does then Jelly Bean is also more likely but as Gotta Be Mobile points out, the unveiling is set to take place in Berlin meaning that once more consumers in the U.S. may have to wait several weeks or even months longer than those in other regions. This has been a real bugbear for many and is often blamed on the hoops that manufacturers have to jump through to satisfy US carriers so it would be a further real boost for sales of the Galaxy Note 2 if it released simultaneously across all regions and we hope that Samsung has taken this into account.

Is a 5.5-inch screen too large? The current trend is definitely for larger-screened mobile devices but at what point does a smartphone screen become too big to handle. As we’ve already pointed out there were plenty of people who had serious doubts about the original Galaxy Note when it was released saying that a 5.3-inch display was simply too big and there were fears it would thus only find a niche market. Those doubts were blown out of the water though by consumers who decided no, they were quite happy with its size. However, there must surely be a limit to display size and we wonder if the increase to a 5.5-inch display may just be too much for some. Another question this leads to is…

Is Samsung wise to reveal the Galaxy Note 2 so close to the time that Apple is expected to showcase the iPhone 5? We’ve already spoken of the fashion for larger screens and the next iPhone is expected to step up to a larger display, maybe around 4-inches, because of this demand. Other improvements expected for the next iPhone include a quad-core processor, LTE connectivity, improved camera and much more, including the next Apple mobile operating system, iOS 6.

Many are expecting the iPhone 5 to be a really significant improvement over the iPhone 4S and are waiting to be blown away by what Apple has to offer so it remains to be seen if it’s a clever move by Samsung to unveil the Note 2 on August 29, just ahead of the rumored Apple event to show the iPhone 5 set for September 12. When it comes to it though, the reveal date may not be as important as a release date. It seems to us that whichever actually hits the shelves first is likely to steal some significant sales from the other.

Hopefully all of our questions will be resolved shortly as more is leaked about the Galaxy Note 2 or when it is made official on August 29. We feel the Galaxy Note 2 is likely to be another smash hit for Samsung but just how successful will rely on the answers to some, or all of these questions. We shall of course bring you more as we hear it.

In the meantime we’d be really interested in hearing your thoughts on the Galaxy Note 2. Are you waiting for the Galaxy Note 2 and if so are you willing to wait a few months or only intend to purchase it if it is made available soon? If you’re in the U.S. will you wait for a launch there if it comes after other regions, or maybe you’ll be tempted by the iPhone 5 instead? Have you any concerns about the display on the Galaxy Note 2 being even larger than its predecessor? Let us know with your comments.


32 thoughts on “Galaxy Note 2 raises questions as excitement mounts”

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    peggysue says:

    I love my pink samsung galaxy note. It is simply amazing. Very bright display, very fast for my web browsing and incredibly perfect for my ebooks. Definitely i will be looking forward to owning sg note 2. Hurry up samsung!

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    Richard says:

    The people who think that 5.5 inch screens are going to be too big are idiots! Derr, read the trend morons! Phones are no longer even really used for making and receiving phone calls, moreso they are media consumption devices. Even a lot of the phone calls that are made are video calls nowadays, in which the larger 5.5 inch screen is a distinct advantage. The iPhone5 is going to be blown out of the water by the superior GNote2.

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    I dont think anyone waiting to buy the Galaxy Note 2 is even contemplating getting an iPhone at all. If anything I see it going the other way & when apple releases the new iPhone with not enough of a change to wow their faithful they will follow many others that bought the original Galaxy Note in the jump from iOS to Android.
    Many iPhone users have made the change to Android & choosen the original Galaxy Note as their first Android device & report that they are blown away with the device & I believe many are choosing to make the move also & waiting for the Galaxy Note 2.
    The leaps that Android has made with the OS with ICS & now Jelly Bean have made alot of the reasons iPhone users hated Android a thing of the past. ANDROID IS THE FUTURE -KID ANDROID (Team.Android.Canada)

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    Mike says:

    Would love to get the Gnote2 when it come out…but it would still need to be a big enough step up from the current Gnote…otherwise whats that point?! I might as well the original Gnote on a discount

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    Larry S says:

    I will wait as long as it takes to get the Galaxy note 2.. I have had an iphone for three years and am sick of Apple telling me what I can or cannot do.. I have just purchased the Nexus 7 and love Jellybean, I can’t think of any reason to get another iphone.
    It seems that Apple is like the Pied Piper, people blindly follow them without question What is wrong with a phone that is infinitely customizable, has a large readable screen, has a
    changeable battery, has room for an SD card and is probably cheaper. Even the Galaxy S3 would be a great improvement over the iphone..

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    Larry S says:

    I will wait as long as it takes to get the Galaxy note 2.. I have had an iphone for three years and am sick of Apple telling me what I can or cannot do.. I have just purchased the Nexus 7 and love Jellybean, I can’t think of any reason to get another iphone.

    It seems that Apple is like the Pied Piper, people blindly follow them without question What is wrong with a phone that is infinitely customizable, has a large readable screen,has a changeable battery, has room for an SD card and is probably cheaper. Even the Galaxy S3 would be a great improvement over the iphone..

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      yarrellray says:

      I applaud you for having the GUTS to change platforms. Android offers so much and is so much fun. I enjoy my Samsung Galaxy S3 0n Tmobile it’s just lovely. I have 80gb of space on my Galaxy S3 i am in heaven. I will purchase the Galaxy Note 2 when it arrives available on Tmobile I have always wanted this device and purchasing the Galaxy Note 2 will be a great addition to my stable of devices.

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    iPhart says:

    I am fed up by immature or i-mature articles like this.
    What is the point to BS the 5.5″ display over 5.3″, if the device has same size as the original G.Note?
    And please stop to discus rumors and imaginations . Save this for your favorite idvices.

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    Ready to take all 5.5 inches! says:

    I would have gotten the Galaxy Note 1 if it ever came to Sprint, and am even more exited for the GN2. I would almost be willing to jump ship to whoever drops it first, but hopefully Samsung will drop a GN2 bomb all all carriers and show Apple users what a real 2012 device should be capable of. This might actually snap some Iphone users out of it, wake up and see what they are missing.

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    Bishee says:

    I am waiting forthe galaxy note 2 but only if it releases before October in the uk. The 5.5 screen is going to be great. My iPad is too big and my iPhone is too small. I need something between the two for working at home and in business. I used to have a HP Journada back when Noah was collecting animals and I miss it’s size and usefulness – though not the archaic OS!

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      SalemWitchesWereInnocent says:

      Hey, my feelings exactly. For mobile stuff, my iPad is too big and my iPhone is too small. Now I’m dreaming of a Note 2 on a Windows phone. And maybe winning a lottery while I’m at it.

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    ChristieNooks says:

    I like MOST of what I’m hearing about the Note 2 but I’m not liking this talk of only a 720p screen. That’s a lower resolution than the note 1.Then there’s this talk about how it will have this flexible screen that you can’t actually bend. The point of this supposedly that it’s thinner – so then just say it’s thinner!

    I also don’t care if the Note 2 is thinner or not, it’s plenty thin enough already. So if they’re going to try and sell me some nonsense about how “yeah sorry it’s a lower resolution than the Note 1 but it’s a flexible screen you can’t flex!” then I think I’ll just keep my Galaxy S3.

    I’ve also got my eye on that rumored 5′ 1080p One X + HTC is releasing in September/October.

    If HTC can do 1080p @ 5′ then 720p @ 5.5′ on the Note 2 is unacceptable. Yes, I AM that petty 😉

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      ida says:

      I’m also looking forward to that, I believe (as many reviewers online too) that Super LCD is better in terms of colors (more natural) and is more sharp…i have compared the current HTC one X and the G Note I had and the One X borders into retina display territory and simply looks amazing…now If Samsung isn’t lazy and launches the Note with a 720p inch screen with a Super Amoled RGB screen (not pentile) then…I think I would be more than pleased with that. I don’t know if having 1080p in such a small device can make that much difference…

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    John E. says:

    I have an iphone 4 and have had the iphone 3g….im ready for a change. All these other phones are coming out with 4.3″ displays or larger and apple should have matched that with the 4s…im actually quite disappointed that apple is only considerig the 3.99″ (4″) display….it always seems they are behind the times with technolgy on the iphones…well from the 3g on I mean….im sick of staring at my tiny 3.5″ screen that doesnt support flash….im looking forward to removable storage, hdmi out, and support for all the cool crap like bt’ing a ps3 controller, using the onlive gaming service, actually being able to view a normal webpage, and not worrying about converting my movies or using itunes for music transfer…i want drag and drop! Lol…hoping the galaxy note 2’s video quality is better than the firt though…i returned mine because of the “blocky” black textures in dark scenes….that was a total letdown…im also hoping the ram gets bumped up to 2gb like on the s3….who knows….

    1. Reply
      ida says:

      I returned my during the first 30 days for the same reason (mine had it on the extremes but I have seen other GN’s that aren’t that bad from friends). I hope that Samsung can have better quality control this time around, many people got stuck with a Note with this manufacturing defect and they don’t even know about it because is mostly noticeable in dark scenes and in low light…I’m anxiously waiting on the Note 2!

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    Al says:

    Anyone worked out that the reason for the rampant law suits is because some company has worked out that it is beaten?Note2 could b the crushing hammer blow worldwide.

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    jason h says:

    Can’t wait for the note 2. The original has been great, using it with a flygrip makes this device actually usable with one hand. Just want faster response, faster camera.

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    MarylandUSA says:

    For me and others like me who find it ridiculous to carry a phone AND a tablet, the Note 2’s 5.5-inch display is too small! Four Android 4.x smartphones now offer a 6-inch elongated display (854 x 480): Dapeng i9800, Viewsonic (and other-brand) N9880, Star N9776, and Carpad Note5 N6. I’ve ordered one. Each has 15 square inches of glass, the same area as a 3 by 5 index card.

    1. Reply
      ida says:

      Wow, didn’t even knew those existed! But the resolution seems too low to watch good quality video…I’ll do some research.

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    Francis Badu says:

    I think the Iphone is not a phone which is flexible enough for individuals to enjoy the use of a phone. The restrictions to the usability makes the Samsung galaxy series and other android phones stand tall. How can an I always carry laptop every where I go just because I may add or delete some data from my Iphone. It also time consuming always sitting by the computer to add/delete from the Iphone. The user friendliness and flexibility in the use of Samsung galaxy series is fantastick and you do things on the move. On my Iphone i am finding it difficult to delete some data fron it and because of the process I dont even get time to delete them but on my galaxy s II, on the move everything works perfectly. I am in the UK and very much waiting to buy the Galaxy note 2, because from my research during my MBA program which was a research of the analysis strategic position, choice and implementation on facebook and lenovo all associated with technology, people appear to be developing serious preference for smart phones which can also be used as their laptop or tablet, there the phablet note 2 to me will be a good choice to many. The iphone, you cannot even bluetooth easily and many negatives like why can’t I remove the battery (this is not a phone). To me iphone cannot match the galaxy note 2

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    HookedOnTabs says:

    Actually I love my GN1 so much, and I bought on opening day in US which was pre-order in March.5 months ago, so with the screen quality and the lightning fast 50MB downloads, I will Be waiting for the GN 3. Why drive a Mercedes foe 5 months and throw it away?

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    eestubbs104 says:

    One thing that is for sure, if you live in the good ole USA, by the time we get most new phone, they are almost outdated. But I am looking forward to the new Galaxy Note 2

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    Randy says:

    You gotta love the note. So much more useful than the smaller screen phones. Put a flygrip on it, and you are all set. Can’t wait for the new one to come out. Get rid of your tablet and your small phone.

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    Anirudh Singh says:

    i had the iphone 3s then the 4, moved to Note after iphone 4s was a let down, and looking forward to note 2, cant believe apple are only coming out with a tiny 4″ screen in the next version…

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      Someone you dont know says:

      Not everyone likes a big screen and a like both Apple and Samsung just in case you think I am some Apple Fanboy

  20. I am very excited for the Samsung Note 2….I will even be changing phone companies as my current provider doesn’t even carry the original. Will be anxiously awaiting more updates for release dates in Canada. All the upgrades will definitely be worth waiting for.

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