Universal AppBlaster 2 gun for iPhones & Androids

As well as news of smartphones, tablets, apps and accessories, every now and then we like to bring Phones Review readers a gadget idea that’s a little bit different. Meet the universal AppBlaster 2 gun for iPhones and Androids, an augmented reality app gun from AppToyz that has the potential for giving users hours of enjoyment, a great idea for a gift.

The AppBlaster v.2.0 gun now has a universal cage suitable for iPhones, iPod touch and Android phones and makes use of your device accelerometer so the game rotates and moves as you do. The player quickly swings the AppBlaster 90 degrees upwards and then down again to replenish ammo and special weapons and power ups are also available to be collected as you play.

The lightweight gun also has a shoulder stock but this can be removed if preferred and the dock adaptors means the AppBlaster 2 is compatible with the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod touch 4th generation and Android phones. After downloading the apps you’ll find multiple levels, players and aliens and you will have to physically move to locate them. The game requires quick reactions and while the rear trigger fires lasers, the front trigger fires missiles using smart conductive trigger mechanisms.

Dimensions of the AppBlaster 2 are 28cm x 51cm x 8cm and the price is £24.95 or €31.85. You can order the AppBlaster 2 from Red5 at the product page here and we think this is a reasonably priced gift for enthusiastic gamers, young and old. You may also like to take a look at our review of the original AppBlaster gun here.

What are your thoughts on the AppBlaster v 2.0? Will you be adding it to your wish list for the holiday season? Alternatively if you already have one perhaps you could share your thoughts on it with our readers by sending us your comments?

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