App Blaster iPhone Gun Hands-on Review: Alien Attack

We receive many products for review, and today we will give you our full App Blaster iPhone Gun hands-on review as well as a little information about the Alien Attack iOS game app, do not go anywhere because this is most definitely worth reading.

So what is the App Blaster iPhone gun?

The App Blaster is a great iPhone game accessory, in the shape of a gun that works well with the brilliant Apptoyz Alien Attack iOS game (Will let you know a little more about the game below), this gun works well with the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch.

There is no need to hunt around your house for batteries, because this accessory does not need them, please let us explain a little more about the app in our hands-on experience.

First Impressions

When we received the App Blaster gun via find-me-a-gift.co.uk, we got to admit that the packaging looked fantastic. There was a lot of information all over the box that was quite intriguing; it made me want to read all what was on the box, which left me wanting to play with this accessory and game.

The quality of the gun is fantastic, in the box you obviously get the App Blaster gun that works with the free Apptoyz Alien Attack game, it has a removable stock so that it is comfortable for your gaming pleasure, it also comes with the iPhone holder. The holder has 2 extra plastic plates; one saying iPhone 4 and the other saying iPod Touch 4, if you have the iPhone 3GS then you just put your phone into the holder without the additional plastic plate. We had to use the iPhone 4 plate to house the iPhone 4. (You can see our hands-on photos below of the holder and plates.

The Design

The design is brilliant, we love the feel of the App Blaster, it feels solid when holding and moving at quick rates around the room. The gun is only 45 cm x 15 cm so not too small but not too big either, it is just right to have the best fun whilst gaming, let’s just say we was running around this room and we knocked nothing off its shelves (Bonus).

The App Blaster is very light and portable, which is great because it does not ache your arms or hands when holding for long periods. Love the fact that your iPhone or iPod sits in the holder securely; we actually thought at first this would be a problem, but how wrong were we.

The App Blaster Positives

The whole design is solid; the holder holds your device securely without the thought of your smartphone falling out when moving around. Love the fact that when our iPhone 4 was in the holder and we attached the holder to the gun, it clips in and then you have to slide on either side of the gun clips to lock into position.

The App Blaster Negatives

Only one negative here, once our iPhone 4 was locked in the holder and the gun we could not turn the volume up or down as it was behind the holders casing. That is the only slight problem, which in reality who cares because the game is so addictive.

The iOS Game

Please let me talk about the Apptoyz Alien Attack iOS game before we give you our Phones Review overall summary. The Alien Attack game is totally free to download via the Apple Store (iTunes), the game uses augmented reality that gives you amazing realism. Once the game has started you will see the room you are in as you see it with your own eyes, then you will get little aliens popping up all over the screen, which you have to shoot to get the most points.

The game comes with many aliens, infinite levels, AR or stargaze modes and unique gameplay. When you are playing the game on the App Blaster gun you will need to reload your weapon, and to do this you only need to tilt your gun back. You can shoot the aliens, shoot bombs and shoot health bonuses.

Where to Buy App Blaster Gun and Price

You can buy the App Blaster Gun via find-me-a-gift.co.uk for £19.99 (Euros €22.91 – US Dollars $30.77). This is a very good price because using the gun accompanied with the iOS app is very addictive indeed.

Phonesreview.co.uk Overall Summary

All we got to say is darn you find-me-a-gift.co.uk, we really thought that we would play with this gun and app and after say 20 minutes get bored and put away, this was not the case because of it being so addictive trying to beat top scores. Played for like 45 minutes and then put the gun away, started to review the App Blaster and went back to play with this product and game.

Overall we have to say it is a must buy product, we are always honest with our reviews and tried to find something wrong as we love a good and bad in everything, the only bad thing we could find is ourselves for getting addicted. We tried playing with the game on the iPhone 4 without the gun and got to say it is no comparison to when playing with the gun, it makes the Alien Attack game more realistic and fun, you feel part of the game.

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