Samsung Galaxy S3 Mophie Juice Pack to boost battery life

We have seen a major leap forward in mobile technology over the last couple of years with smartphones gaining larger screens and more powerful processors, trouble is for some users battery life can become a serious problem with battery technology seemingly left behind. Today for owners of the Samsung Galaxy S3 we have news of the Mophie Juice Pack that will boost the battery life of the handset.

There has been Mophie Juice Packs available for owners of the iPhone for a while now, but as the Android Authority is reporting one is now available for the popular Samsung Galaxy S3. The smartphone was released back in the summer and has proven to be hugely popular around the world selling over 30 million units to date, but some users have long complained about the handsets battery life.

Now though the Juice Pack is available to owners of the handset, but is priced at an eye watering $99.95 in either black or white colour options. More importantly the Juice Pack features a 2,300 mAh battery pack, which basically doubles the battery life of the device while also protecting it.

The company is claiming that this will provide up to an extra nine hours of 4G Internet use and 3G talk time, and eleven hours of Wi-Fi use. The case also features four LED lights to show users how much power is stored in the device, and both the Juice Pack and handset can be charged at the same time via the included microUSB cable.

I have recently become the owner of the Samsung Galaxy S3 after updating from my HTC Desire HD, and have found the battery life of the handset to be much better than my previous phone and suitable for my own needs.

For those that need extra battery life and don’t want to have to cart around spare batteries the Mophie Juice Pack may be ideal, but the price may put many off though. There is also the Power Bank case available in both the US and UK that offers an extra 2,200 mAh power pack and is priced at $34.99/£29.95 respectively.

Even cheaper in the US is another similar product via Amazon.com that offers a 3,200 mAh battery pack along with a built in kick stand, and this is priced at only $25.50. There is also replacement batteries that have a larger capacity available such as this one here that offers a 4,200 mAh power back and replacement rear cover for only $24.99, and similar products are available in the UK as well.

Do you think the Mophie Juice Pack is worth the money and are you happy with the battery life of the Samsung Galaxy S3?


3 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S3 Mophie Juice Pack to boost battery life”

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    kerry , ireland says:

    Any one having problems with reception. Live 4 miles from town. Had nokia with great reception. Ever since i got samsung connection keeps failing. Contacted network provider and they assure me signal strength from mast has not weakened.kerry

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    Tanner P says:

    Under a normal day, the battery isn’t bad at all as long as you’re smart about killing apps not leaving WiFi on. Also signal strength is HUGE. I have found I get a 175% battery increase my Jellybean 4.1 vs the stock touchwiz. Besides, for $99 I can almost buy another phone on contract. For it to sell, a more reasonable price is a must. Its 2300mah, it was like say a compact 3800 or something I might consider considering it. It also makes the phone longer and I have a hard time already pulling the notification bar down while holding it with one hand.

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