New iPhone 5 problem may affect gaming

The release of the iPhone 5 back in September has been a shaky one to say the least with a number of issues surrounding the device, although it does seem most of these are software related more than anything serious with the hardware itself. Now though a new iPhone 5 problem has come to light that may affect gaming on the handset for some users.

A UK based games developer first spotted the problem via a tweet that was spotted by the team over at recombu, and the problem concerns a drop out of touch input on the iPhone 5 screen when scrolling quickly across the display.

A test was carried out involving two iPhone 4S’s with one running iOS 6.0.1 and one on iOS 6, and also two iPhone 5 handsets which again were running iOS 6.0.1 and iOS 6.0. The Mail application was used to try and replicate the reported problem with a finger being dragged backwards and forwards diagonally across the display.

Both of the iPhone 4S’s were found to have no issues at all but one of the iPhone 5 handsets had trouble keeping up, and dropped touch input while the other handset ceased to register touch input completely.

It is currently not known if this problem is software related or something to do with the new design of screen the iPhone 5 uses. In normal use most iPhone 5 owners wouldn’t notice any problem but considering it was first picked up by a games developer it may be a more serious issue for owners that enjoy playing fast packed titles on their device.

Fruit Ninja for instance relies on quick and successive swipes across the screen, but there seems to be a wider issue as some users have taken to the Apple Support forums to report the problem. After following some solutions offered the problem still occurs and one user has had issues when trying to zoom in and out of photos. Below you can see a video made by recombu of the problem affecting the iPhone 5 screen.

Have you noticed the issue with your iPhone 5?


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