Call of Duty Elite update adds Black Ops 2 support

Since Black Ops 2 was released a couple of days ago it was obvious that the Call of Duty Elite app on both iOS and Android devices was going to offer Black Ops II support. The update took place on the 13th and not only brings support for Treyarch and Activision’s latest shooter but also a host of other new features as well.

The new features include Black Ops 2 support for Career Summary Stats, Challenge Tracker, Custom Class Editor and also Recent Matches. That’s not all as you will also be able to search for and apply clans within Clans HQ, along with checking out recent activity. Call of Duty Elite TV will even offer support for Live Streaming of Black Ops 2 Multiplayer guides and so much more.

It’s not all good though, as there are still a few missing features, such as knowing the 6 top ops and challenges, but the biggest issue for those with an iPhone 5 is the lack of support for the new screen size. This is another fine example of some of the big apps not offering the kind of support that is needed to make full use of the larger screen on the iPhone 5.

There’s also a number of other issues with both the iOS and Android versions though, as time stamps is still an issue for some users, and there are some cases where users cannot even log in to the app.

However, those with an iPhone have it easy when compared to those with the Android version of the Call of Duty Elite app, but we all know this was going to be the case because of needing to offer support for a more diverse range of smartphones and tablet devices. It’s been reported on Google Play that there’s still the blank screen issue on the HTC One X, along with the fact that support seems to be lacking for the Nexus S, although it’s also noted that it is in fact meant to have full support.

Have you downloaded the Call of Duty Elite app with Black Ops 2 support yet? If so have you had any kind of issue?


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    THUGGYVee says:

    love it. so far its easier than the computer version, i cant seem to find how to search for clans on the computer but on my phone its super easy. Thanks

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