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There is a vast amount of games available on the Android platform for gamers to enjoy that cover many different interests, and today we have news of something slightly different that has been developed by Google’s own in house studio, Niantic Labs, which is called Ingress that needs users to request an invite.

The game is similar to a number of MMORPG’s that are proving to be really popular such as World of Warcraft, but takes place in the real world. Players of the game get underway by joining one of the two factions from The Resistance or The Enlightened, and their mission is to battle for resources while undermining their enemies efforts.

Players travel through the real world using their Android smartphone and the Ingress application trying to find and use sources of a mysterious energy. Along the way they can pick up objects to aid their mission while using tech to capture territory.

Users can form an alliance with other players to further help the cause of your chosen faction, and the game is played globally with the option of tracking players around the world using the Intelligence map.

The game is jam packed with cryptic clues and secret codes as the secrets and game tech are unlocked as you progress. The resources in the game are called XM and can be collected by using prescribed outdoor routes that are mapped on your handset, and once enough of this is collected users can take part in missions that take place in public places such as parks and libraries.

For now Ingress is a closed beta but Android users can ask for an invite from the games official website, and the game is designed for smartphones not tablets but has been receiving good reviews from users. To find out more hit Google Play or the official website.

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  1. Just got the invite and started playing… This is really on the cutting edge of cool! Mysterious enough to keep us guessing, accessible enough to keep us playing. May just bring back the days when you saw kids out on the streets playing with their neighbors. Request an invite, join the resistance.

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      Artur Martins says:

      pleeeeeeeeeeease, please please please “arturphk” at gmail 🙂

      and pleeeeeeeeease please please please again.

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