iPhone 5 Smart Cover almost available, meet TidyTilt+

The iPhone 5 is selling in huge numbers and there are vast amounts of accessories already available. Many who purchase a brand-new phone like to protect it with a cover or case and it seems that something many would like to see is a Smart Cover for the iPhone 5, looking and working in a similar way to the iPad and iPad mini. It doesn’t look as though Apple has one on the cards but actually an unofficial Smart Cover-like accessory is already available and it’s called the TidyTilt and this case is also coming for the iPhone 5.

The Smart Cover for the iPad comes in an array of colors, is good to look at and uses a magnetic fit. It can also be used as a horizontal or vertical stand for your iPad. An article on The Next Web discusses a concept version of an iPhone smart cover designed by Adrien Olczak that closely mirrors the iPad Smart Cover. The rendering has segments and looks very much like the smart cover for the iPad but the point is made that whereas the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S were magnet friendly, the iPhone 5 with its anodized finish, isn’t. However, all is not lost as we’ve come across a cover called the TidyTilt that actually exists.

The TidyTilt is available for the iPhone 4 or 4S at present but is also being developed as the TidyTilt+ for the iPhone 5. The TidyTilt for the iPhone 4/4S is priced at $29.95 and is available in blue, pink, orange, gray, black and green color options. It tidies your ear cord, tilts your screen and also acts as a multi-positional stand and mount for your iPhone 4 or 4S. It is paneled in the same way as Apple’s official Smart Cover for the iPad and also fits on easily using embedded magnets. This also means that you can attach your iPhone to any magnetically-responsive surface.

The TidyTilt is in two parts, a 0.7mm thin metal frame for the back as well as a folding rear panel with soft-touch polyurethane fabric. The panel also has holes for the camera and flash while the frame is minimal in brushed stainless steel. You can order the TidyTilt for iPhone 4 and 4S now from this product page. We also said above that the TidyTilt+ will release in the future for the iPhone 5. This will also offer protection, an ear bud cord wrap, kickstand and magnetic mount and if you head to this page you can sign up to be notified when it releases.

We’re really impressed by the look of the TidyTilt which is about as close to an Apple Smart Cover for the iPhone as you are likely to get. It may not wake or sleep your iPhone on open and closing but in many other respects it’s just like a Smart Cover for iPhones. You can see more of exactly how the TidyTilt works by viewing the video that we’ve embedded below this story. Tell us what you think of the TidyTilt by sending your comments. Will you be ordering one?


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