Nexus 7 Android 4.2 Jelly Bean problems found

Earlier this week Google released the latest range of Nexus hardware with the likes of the LG Nexus 4 proving to be extremely popular. This coincided with the release of the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean operating system that will eventually find its way on to many earlier Nexus devices, and this includes the Nexus 7 that is already being updated, but some problems have been reported by users.

There have been a number of users reporting that after updating their Nexus 7 to Android 4.2 they have experienced issues with Bluetooth connectivity being a bit flaky. There are a number of owners taking to a number of forums complaining about the issue that include the XDA Developers forum, and is affecting users when trying to stream music via Bluetooth.

Many are saying that the problem was not present before the Android 4.2 update with users reporting the connection stutters during music playback. There can often be early problems when a new firmware is released that are hopefully quickly fixed by another update, but for users it can be very frustrating waiting for the bug fix to arrive.

There have been some suggestions the problem could be connected to Wi-Fi, and we have also heard of some owners moaning that the auto-screen brightness is now over sensitive. Many users have been saying how much they love some of the new features of Android 4.2 though such as the Swype keyboard and multi user option.

Unfortunately there are also a number of popular applications that are not currently working with the update such as the BBC iPlayer, but hopefully these will be quickly made compatible. Meanwhile the new Nexus 7 32GB Wi-Fi and HSPA+ on the UK and US Google Play Store has already sold out shortly after going on sale, but there may be some other retailers that still have some stock available.

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  • KM DS

    I have no problems as all. I got OTA 4.2 update and it works flawless.

  • Michael Robertson

    Mine works like a dog now

  • hndymn

    just checked my Nexus 7, and it does indeed skip when playback is thru Bluetooth. It’s fine thru the device’s speakers or headphones. Hope they correct this pronto.

  • Alan

    My nexus 7 is lagging quite a bit after the bit and taking more than 7 hours to charge to 100% from 5%. Switching between programmes is also unbelievably jerky !

  • Paul Huddleston

    Quite slow opening and switching apps. Also, new user on tablet cannot see installed apps of other user

  • Darrell Franklin

    I cannot connect any of my Bluetooth devices. Very frustrating since I am traveling next week and that means no internet connection through my phone. Rghh!!

  • dan

    My audio jack isn’t working now

  • tim

    My nexus is now glitching. It never glitches before. It exit running programs, lock screen orientation is in the wrong orientation most of the time, and sometimes the desktop is blank until I push the home button.

  • pachek

    After the update to 4.2 nexus 7 became slower, not a little but a lot!! Is shame. I thought this only happened on Apple products to make u buy last version devices, but nexus 7 was just released!!

  • chrisjenx

    Just do a factory reset, will clear up all the issues.

  • Fred Schutzman

    After 4.2 on my Nexus, screen goes dim than dark after about 10 secs. Playing with auto brightness did help. Keeping a finger on the screen did, but that is annoying. Doing a factory reset just reloaded 4.2 again so nothing changed.

    • Heather Melling

      try going back into your display settings and setting the time before sleep. this worked for me. it had been reset.

  • runty

    I noticed a number of problems since updating to 4.2 most of which are already stated. Screen flicker, Wi-Fi dissconections first day but none since’ apps not working some of which were fixed by reinstalling, Google play not knowing I already have an app installed, some apps not being able to find stored files, device is now lagging. I do not like the new upgrade how do I report my concerns?

  • davis1058

    I have started seeing since 4.2 update is screen flicker and my screen time out in a few second no matter what i’m doing. While play my sega tennis game the screen won’t stay on long enough to play a single set without interruption. I should have waited before jumping on this latest update. I might have to factory reset my nexus 7 because of this annoying issue.

  • chris

    My screen flickers with the auto brightness on. It also has started restarting without warning for no apparent reason.

  • Pat Ferdinandi

    After last automatic android update, nexus goes rt o sleep in 5 seconds no matter what I’m doing. Any fixes to download?

  • Antonikku

    From the notification shade of my Nexus 7 rotation lock and system icons have disappeared. Now I don’t know how to block rotation!

    • Heather Melling

      swipe down on the right hand side of the top of the screen. you will get a second shade with this and some new options

  • Antonio Angelo Madeddu

    From the notification shade of my nexus 7 rotation and system icons have disappeared and now I do not know how to control the rotation!

  • Seva

    I have Nexus 7 and had OTA upgrade 4.1.2 to 4.2. I had no problems with 4.2.1, but multiple problems with 4.2 described here. I’ve reverted back to 4.1.2 and it is back to normal. The only problem is annoying OTA prompts now and then about upgrading to 4.2. I cannot really suppress those prompts (according to Google support guy), but there is no way I upgrade second time to crappy 4.2.

    • H

      How do you roll back to 4.1.2?

    • nexys

      Am sure everyone on here would like to know how you rollback to 4.1.2 – maybe you could explain how it,s done

  • Heather Melling

    when i read google news in chrome in portrait, it won’t let me scroll over to the right side of the screen. this has only happened with this one website, but my favourite website!

    and the bold then not bold clock looks horrible! does anyone know how to uninstall the update???

  • Orkun Osken

    New update was a terrible one after updating addition to the described problems there are problems with system font swipe lock system isn’t working normally, and more strange problems Nexus 7 can’t be used in this state. Support and people should stop giving advise to reset the device as developers and programmers should do their jobs right and release a working and tested update!

    • H

      My unlock screen has the same problem, it’s taking up to 3 attempts and about 20secs, just to unlock!

  • arc

    My screen flickers and keeps adjusting, also slower when typing , this was an update?

  • jac

    After updating to 4.2 on Nexus 7, I’m no longer able to access LEAP WiFi access points which I use at work. Prior to 4.2 it connected without any issues.

    • aakash

      same here :(

  • westlakest

    Dont like the new half bold clock on unlock screen. also get some odd box appear on left hand edge when wake up which goes after a second or so. why make the permanent icons across the bottom smaller. doesnt feel quite as sleak and smooth now using it. some of my apps no longer work. firefox amd hotukdeals keep crashing. utter rubbish update. i expect be5er from them

    • Derrick Best

      Try sliding the clock and discover that there are some lock screen widgets. These will give you quick access to Gmail and Calendar

  • rajan

    the funny face effects have disappeared from the camera!!

  • Gary Wilkinson

    Yeah I was just searching to see if any body else was having performance issues on 4.2 Nexus 7. Really annoying. I thought Nexus devices were supposed to be better supported than this.

  • macKenzie

    my nexus always loses wifi connection my headphone jack does not work whenever i go on firefox for android it always closes idk wat to do should i get a new one or do a reset or wat?!?!?!?!!?!?! but i mostly want to no how to fix my headphone jack ive switched it out so many it works fine then like weeks later it doesnt work and dont get me started on my charger XO

  • DaveX

    My Nexus 7 lags like hell after the 4.2 update. Come on google!

  • Anj

    Not just me then?! Dolphin browser has had to be uninstalled, then installed newer version which now locks when searching via Google – irritating. Norton antivurus wont work and basically the same problems as everyone else…pls sort as I’m sure u can.

  • exapple

    So pleased I found this! Thought my Nexus 7 was faulty after just 2 weeks, just as buggy update. Biggest problem for me is auto brightness causing screen to flicker. Driving me mad!

  • judy

    Just upgraded and nexus is laggy, has colours flashing as and fading, have intermittent strange logging on and off internet, some apps are flashing as and I can’t shut down also books on kindle software have been doubled up (I.e 2 copies now of each book. Reset I think

  • kris

    There is a constant lag and my nexus keep restarting, it seems the multi user is slowing it down

  • Gav456

    My n7 is fine, but I don’t like the inability to share media between users on a tablet… if I put some cartoons on it,I want to be able give my son access to them. There’s no admin for owners. What if a user fills the memory..? You’d have to delete the user to get access to the data, that’s assuming you can, you might even have to factory reset if you can’t have the user do it. That’s a bigger flaw than some crappy Bluetooth issue

  • Unsatisfied Android User

    The new clock is soooo ugly, and the new one unlock screen is missing the ease of access to that of Google Now cards by swiping in a different direction from the unlock. VERY annoying, as well as missing quite a few other minor things that really make android a good mobile os.


  • Rory Murphy

    Flaky Bluetooth, breaking up and just stopping
    Battery draining faster (hot zone)
    Stuttery performance, lag
    Worst of all, keeps restarting unexpectedly.
    =Not happy!

  • Asifbela

    After the Android 4.2 on my Nexus 7 . The camera app suddenly stops .! what is the problem ?

  • Siavash Lj.

    Charging has become SUPER SLOW. It takes forever to charge and it loses charge faster than recharging.

  • Terry Farrell

    Just the screen brightness randomly changing every few minutes. Switched to manual brightness until it gets an update. I found that rotation is snappier with the update.

  • wumpus

    my nexus 7 got stuck in a constant reboot cycle, even after factory reset during set up it constantly reboots..

  • Oregon user

    I use mine primarily for ebooks and audio books. With the update my audio books keep deleting – I just receive a red “missing files” alert when I try to open them. Have to drive to town to download again – then they go missing again. Also don’t like the different fonts for the clock.

  • john Bloomfield

    Nexus 7 massive slow down too since up date. Turn off keyboard swype feature and it speeds back up

  • Peter Wells

    as well as the music playback dropping out over Bluetooth. I also have a problem that it is no longer possible to add events to people, as the year apparently only has 11 months. December has been removed by version 4.2. So much for Christmas!

  • Farhat Alam

    after upgrading, my nexus 7 switched off automatically when the charging level shows 50% or around this level. I don’t know whether it is the problem for upgrading the OS or not.

  • Aniruddha Bhattacharyya

    4.2 is — SLOWWWWWW !!!!
    Also got random reboot 2 times, till now.

    Doesn’t seem like running in Tegra3.

  • Siavash Lj.

    Turn “day dream” off and charging would turn back to normal.

  • pissed off in Belgium

    After the update my nexus 7 is no longer connecting to outlook, keeps requestion a certificate that cannot be found. IT say the exchange server is set correctly. Worked flawlessly now its useless. A show stopper for me . seriously considering junking it and buying an I pad . ARE YOU LISTENING GOOGLE?

  • Rexh62

    I am having problems since updating to 4.2 level on my Nexus 7. The screen is flickering now and this did not happen with 4.1.7

  • lalala

    Rotation in apps are faster rotation in lockscreen is slower,this update slows down the whole system,and lag has appeared now.keyboard lags in swype.and first I thought my lock button is spoiled as it doesn’t respond when pressed,but since its gone after reboot I assume its the OS fault.other than that no prob.n FYI it takes forever to power up from pressing the button for 20 seconds before the `google’ logo appears.

  • Susi Chan

    I finally upgraded to 4.2 because of the constant nagging and I totally regretted it!

  • Joe

    Was considering buying a Nexus 7 …. now I’m thinking iPad mini, at least there’s no random reboots with my iPhones i’ve had over the years.
    Disappointed in google, was going to switch.

  • Buzzard

    I fixed the Bluetooth on my N7 by doing a hard rest on the N7 (power off, then hold the power button down until “Google” appears the second time), then unpaired the Bluetooth devices and paired them again.

  • scott

    Can’t install BBC I player can anyone help as on play it says this device is not compatible

  • Bill

    If you are having lagging problems since the update to 4.2. Go in and turn off gesture typing for the android keyboard and it should help. It helped drastically for me.

  • joseph

    Disable swipe. This fixed the lag in the operating system that made it seem as though too many processes were running.

  • sking

    my nexus 7 camera says that it cant connect with camera. i reset tablet but stilll wont work

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