iPhone 5S Micro SD card expansion worth contemplating

The Apple iPhone 5 has gone down a storm, as we all knew it would but one thing that we think could really improve the next iPhone is microSD card expansion. The iPhone 5S (possibly named the iPhone 6 though we doubt it) is already being discussed although it’s a long way from release yet. Time and time again when we’ve asked readers what they would like to see in a new iPhone one of the most popular answers has been memory expansion. However Apple seems reluctant to add microSD but surely it’s worth contemplating?

As we all know the iPhone 5 released at the end of September has three different options for built-in storage, 16, 32 or 64GBs. Although this choice is good as some phones such as the new Nexus 4 still only have 8 or 16GB options, we still don’t see any reason why Apple couldn’t add an SD Card slot giving users the ability to add more storage. Taking into consideration that most of us are increasingly using our mobile devices for a wider use of functions, giving the next iPhone expandable storage seems to us to be a logical step.

We already know from iPhone articles over the months and years that whenever we ask readers what they’d like to see on a wish list for the next iteration, many people suggest expandable storage via microSD but this seems to be something that Apple is digging its heels against. It can be a pain to splash out on a 16GB iPhone thinking you’ll have all the storage you need and then discover that you should have purchased a higher storage model after all.

We now store so much on our phones that every now and then some of us find we have to delete apps, photos or music to make room for more. Having to remove an app to make space for another for example can be an annoyance and we wonder how many readers have also come across this problem. Although there are accessories out there such as the iExpander that has an SD Card slot, surely we should not have to rely on bulky case accessories in place of a built-in card slot to increase storage, especially when this is such an obvious solution.

Just imagine being able to have an iPhone 5S with 64GB of internal storage and being able to increase that by another 64GB with microSD. That would please an awful lot of people and as it’s a common feature on many top-notch Android phones it seems strange that Apple is still resisting the idea. We all know how much Apple likes those touches of quality too and this could be another chance to show that by producing a metal card to make an impression.

This is something we’d really like to hear from readers about. Is expandable storage via microSD something you’d like to see on the iPhone 5S? Maybe you think 64GB’s should be enough for anyone? Why do you think that Apple has so far been unwilling to change its stance on expandable storage? Let us know with your comments.


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    Pete Samson says:

    Its nice to have 90GB storage on my Samsung Galaxy S3. I got an entire movie and music library on it. 32gb internal + 64gb card. There is also the issue of privacy with internal memory on iPhones.

    Say a year from now, you go and sell your iPhone on Ebay. You delete everything, 5 times. And you think all that data is gone. Guess what? Its not. Used iphones are gold mines for thieves that buy them just to recover deleted data that contains email addresses, passwords, SSNs, Tax records, pictures and god knows what else. You see, there is no known way to truly erase a memory chip on a phone. You can delete and overwrite that data 5-10 times, but there are ways to still recover it. With an external card, you just keep the card and sell the phone. Thats why used iPhones are so expensive on Ebay. Thieves are competing to get them. Just like used SD cards.

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    mike gribbin says:

    Silly boy. How can Apple sell highly marked up versions of the same product if an SD slot was supplied?

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    Bob says:

    I think they would rather have u use the cloud to store data. But for me, SD card would be a great and overdue option.

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    cat says:

    A SD card would definitely be a plus for this phone! It is quite annoying having to delete apps and photos. The reason they do not provide this? Greedy! They want you to buy the larger phones instead. I think this sucks on their part. Ignoring the very people who purchase product is not a good way to do business.

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