iPhone iExpander: 2X Battery Life & Expandable SD Memory

While Apple has just released the latest version of the iPhone in certain regions around the world, some of the main criticisms of the device still remain. There are many iPhone users that would like the addition of a microSD card, and the handsets battery life is quite often the centre of attention. Now though there is a clever product in the pipeline called the iPhone iExpander that will offer 2x the battery life, and expandable SD memory.

The product in question is another project that can be found over at Kickstarter, and it comes from an idea from a person who owns a manufacturing company in Chicago called, Charlie Corry. He states that he and all of his colleagues own iPhone’s themselves but don’t like the low light images it takes, being limited to the internal memory, and get frustrated at the battery draining down before the day is over.

This is where the iExpander comes in that doubles as a protective case as well as an iPhone Expansion Device. The case features special circuitry that increases the power to the handsets LEDs, which extends the length of the flash that in turn improves low light images. The video that we have embedded below highlights this feature.

The product also has a microSD card slot that will allow owners to expand their iPhone’s memory by up to 64GB, so they will then be able to transfer any Apple supported file from the handset to the microSD card.

Another great feature of the iExpander is the built in Li Polymer battery that effectively doubles the battery life of the iPhone. You even get an extra battery indicator placed next to the actual indicator of the iPhone itself. The product will also add protection to your iPhone and is manufactured from a graphite reinforced nylon that is strong and flexible, and all this only adds 6.3mm to the thickness of the iPhone.

At the time of writing the project still has 29 days to run and currently has 223 backers raising $18,878 out of a total of $125,000, and to find out more watch the video below or hit the link above.

Do you like the look of the iExpander?


2 thoughts on “iPhone iExpander: 2X Battery Life & Expandable SD Memory”

  1. HookedOnTabs says:

    So Apple is catching up with Android. Removable batteries and SD in a away.
    Too bad it took an after market company to provide.
    Who knows maybe IOS will start to climb up to Android through some path.

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