Rent Samsung Galaxy S3 or iPhone 5 with Vodafone Red Hot

Over here in the United Kingdom, there are many smartphone users that would like to change their device after a while, but are locked into a two-year contract, so they have to wait to get a new handset or face shelling out more cash. However, Vodafone has come up with a new rent a smartphone program that means customers don’t have to shell out one off upfront fees to gain the latest available handset.

That program is called Vodafone Red Hot, which enables a customer to commit to just a 12-month commitment rather than having to opt for a 24-month contract. However of course the customer will have to commit to a minimum monthly payment of £47 to rent the handset, which some might find a bit steep.

But with Vodafone Red Hot you can get the 16GB Samsung Galaxy S3 as a free smartphone for that £47 per month, which will give you 2GB of Data along with unlimited texts and calls. Or if you prefer the iPhone 5, you can also get Apple’s latest 16GB iOS smartphone for free, although it will cost you more per month at £59, which again just might be considered a bit steep a price to pay each month for some.

Of course with Vodafone Red Hot, the customer doesn’t actually own the device, but rather rents it from the carrier, and at the end of your one year rental you have to hand the smartphone back, and if you unfortunately damage the device, you have to pay for it, so again this might be a bit of a deal breaker for some.

Naturally Vodafone Red Hot has other Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5 models available to rent, but you wont get the smartphone for free. Those other rental options are…the 32GB iPhone 5 costs £29 upfront with a monthly fee of £64, and the 64GB iPhone 5 with an upfront cost of £49 and a £69 monthly fee.

The 32GB Samsung Galaxy S3 will set you back £29 upfront with a monthly fee of £52, whilst Vodafone Red Hot also offers the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 as a free device when renting at £52 per month.

So I guess as long as you don’t mind not actually owning your smartphone, maybe Vodafone Red Hot is the way to go if you prefer to change your device every year rather than having to wait two years.

Any of our UK readers thinking about going with Vodafone Red Hot to get the iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S?

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