iPhone 5 Case Program Petition: Bumper Needed

Remember the iPhone 4 Case Program app that was set up back in 2010? Well many customers and of course Phones Review think that there should be another one called “iPhone 5 Case Program”, maybe it is time Apple did release a Bumper case because it surely is needed. Many iPhone 5 users are complaining about paint scrapes straight out of the box and there are loads complaining after a few weeks use with the same issue.

We have asked around via emails to friends and loyal readers about their iPhone 5, and they said that they took their new smartphone back to Apple who was very good because they swapped the damaged one for a new handset. However, they also mentioned that soon as they got their new iPhone 5 within a few hours they saw scratch marks and chips.

Now to be fair we here at Phones Review have the iPhone 5 and only got it delivered yesterday and we have not had these problems yet. We think it is a little silly to return the phone to Apple because the scratch and chip problem is not going to go away, this is where Phones Review is calling out to Apple to start a new ‘iPhone 5 Case Program’.

The bumper case was handed out for free before because of the death grip, when the iPhone was held it blocked signals getting to the phone but when the bumper case was on the iPhone it would fix this issue. The iPhone 5 does not have this problem but it does have the problem with easily getting scratched so in our minds the Bumper case is needed yet again. Apple has not released a bumper case for the iPhone 5, so what can they do about these issues?

Even though Apple does not supply bumper cases for the iPhone 5 they do list other cases such as the snap case, we believe that Apple should start a new iPhone 5 Case Program in where they design another app that allows customers to opt for a free case for their troubles.

If you own an iPhone 5 and experiencing the scratching issue, please do feel free to comment below. We would also like the commenting area to be like a petition for a new iPhone 5 Case Program, thanks.


5 thoughts on “iPhone 5 Case Program Petition: Bumper Needed”

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    Tony says:

    This is a good idea, my device didn’t come with any defects but it only took me less than 48hours to gain a few defects, a phone of this price should not be his easy to get defects, I worry as if I plan on selling this device I’d not beable to sell for no where near the buying price due to this cosmetic damage.

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    Boosh says:

    Stop dropping your phone a**holes, and buy a case like every phone owner does, everyone with samsungs, iPhones, and Htc’s all have cases, quit asking for handouts, all phones get scratched if you don’t buy a case..your a moron

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