Sam Sung works for Apple Store, ironic really

Many of you will be aware of the seemingly never-ending patent war between Apple and Samsung. These two giants of the tech industry have been at loggerheads for a long time now and various court cases are still going on around the world as we lurch from one verdict to another. In light of the animosity between the two companies we had to laugh today when hearing of another Apple encounter with Sam Sung.

Before you think that’s a misprint we’ll point out that it should indeed read Sam Sung as it seems Apple actually has an employee called Sam Sung. This gave us a real chuckle today and we wondered at first if it was accurate but it seems this is the real deal. The story that spread on the Internet regarding this stemmed from the sighting of an Apple Pacific Center, Vancouver business card, which was tweeted.

On the card the name of Sam Sung was listed as a specialist, which had some people wondering if this was a real person and others assuming that the image on the card had been photo-shopped. A profile for Sam Sung was also found on LinkedIn but this was deleted soon after the business card was tweeted. However a Huffington Post editor decided to carry out further investigations into Sam Sung and spotted a man in an Apple Store in Vancouver matching the photo on the LinkedIn profile. It eventually turned out that this was in fact the real Sam Sung who has worked at the store since 2010.

Sam Sung turned out to be a decent guy although he couldn’t say too much because of Apple’s media policy. Let’s hope then that his name of Sam Sung hasn’t hurt his career chances with Apple and he hasn’t met with any brand discrimination because of it. In this instance then we’ve found a case of Sam Sung and Apple getting along just fine, and we wish that would also pertain to the other Samsung and Apple.

We’re really interested to hear your thoughts on the first Sam Sung spotted in an Apple Store so let us have your comments on this amusing and heartening story. Maybe you have a name that is fitting for where you work, or not fitting as the case may be?

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