DreamJB Untethered iOS 6 Jailbreak Concerns: UPDATE

The name behind the new Untethered iOS 6 Jailbreak by DreamJB will stay anonymous but we do know that the one man band is a university student in the middle of their final exams, there are so many comments coming in at the moment suggesting that this new jailbreak is a scam and a yet another fake to keep us all wondering. We personally say give DreamJB a break until we know for a fact that this is indeed a fake, until then can we really slag someone off until the truth be known.

We have already reported about DreamJB yesterday but we are now penetrating the untethered iOS 6 Jailbreak a little more to see if we can shed some light. We do know that it is very hard contacting the person behind this new jailbreak, and trust us when we say we have tried to make contact but to no avail. On the main website it says that there will be a video that will show a single-take shot of the whole jailbreak process, this video will be made using a video camera and then uploaded to YouTube. Still got to stay on the fence on this one because we all know that any videos showing a jailbreak that are not official could be fake, but we are giving DreamJB the benefit of the doubt.

There are many fans and of course sceptics of the new DreamJB untethered iOS 6 Jailbreak, but can we really knock the man down until we have proof that it is real or fake, he is a one man band like we said above and could prove to be the real deal.

We have had many comments on our article we published yesterday that are well worth reading, and after reading these we decided to look around for more sceptics. One of these was iDB and they really do not believe for one second that DreamJB is the real deal, Jeff Benjamin mentions that its fine DreamJB is a one-man army but it took a team of great hackers to release Absinthe jailbreak for iOS 5.1.1. Jeff did say that he would make a video outlining he was wrong if DreamJB turns out to be the real deal and releases the iOS jailbreak. The iDB author also suggests that if the so-called Dream-JB is anything but a dream then it means he is either GeoHot or Comex.

Some of the comments we received were very interesting indeed, one commenter said, “Lots of people think its another scam and saying this guy isn’t capable on his own because Dev-team are not involved! Has everyone forgotten the amazing Geohotz !!!!!”

We here at Phones Review will not pass judgement until the release date and only then can we sentence it being real or fake. However, we would like to point out that if you visit the DreamJB website you will not see anywhere stating if the untethered iOS 6 Jailbreak is free or paid, if it is the latter then we suggest waiting for the Dev Team’s jailbreak.

Please do let us know what you think of the untethered iOS 6 Jailbreak by DreamJB?

UPDATE: Please read this here covering the fake video and what we here at Phones Review think –


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