Samsung Galaxy S5 hype versus release features


Most of our readers understand how Apple and its fans like to hype up future smartphone releases and when it comes to the Samsung Galaxy S5 expected next year, this phone is also seeing a lot of hype many months before any release date would be announced. This is thanks to the popularity of certain Samsung phones being at an all time high, although it is a delicate balance between hype and expectations being too high.

One perfect example of this can be seen in a Samsung Galaxy S5 trailer below this article, which is the result of asking fans what they want to see on the Galaxy S4 sequel. This resulted in some amazing Galaxy S5 specs from fans but also those that should be considered well above what will likely release in 2014.

You can see that YouTube viewers love the specs sheet with comments like, “Samsung need to hire the person that created this Galaxy S5 video and list of features”. That reaction is expected when it is the users that suggested the features in the first place.

Others understand that they need to keep their expectations to a realistic level and this is seen with this comment, “pretty optimistic, I find it hard to believe Samsung will lose the capacitive and physical buttons”. Another added, “I think Samsung’s Galaxy S5 will not have more than 30% of these features when it hits a release next year”.

These are just a couple of comments, but we have seen many more along the lines of “just hyped like every Galaxy”, so while some people are very optimistic they know not all the desired features will be given at once. Take a look at the video below and let us know what specs you see as a must and those that are either not wanted, or just plain unlikely.

What Samsung Galaxy S5 hype do you believe is unrealistic and will there be certain features you really want to see above all else? You can expect the Samsung Galaxy S5 release date window to be between April and May 2014. One recent report hints at multitasking improvements and more insight into this can be seen in an article from this week.


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    hminney says:

    We can all write a wishlist – and no this is far from the ultimate.
    I’d choose carbon fibre body – more classy than plastic but lighter than metal.
    I’d ask for a 3D screen, projector, wireless charging, maybe even finger print reader, S-pen control.
    My ideal would be a smartphone that folds in half – a flip phone (ie half sized) with a screen on each half and a line so thin that it behaves like a normal phone when it’s open.
    Local voice control and voice dictation so it doesn’t have to connect to the web to take a dictation (actually I think the S3 already has this) – especially to phone someone whilst I’m driving
    Mind reading and responding
    A full day battery life
    What’s inside? – I couldn’t care less, I just want it to work

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