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Flexible displays on Samsung devices was always a pondering thought in the back of our minds, and this year was out of the question to release products with bendable screens. Now it seems LG and Samsung may release flexible display technology onto its devices as soon as November 2013,

The new report comes via etnews suggesting that Samsung could have flexible display devices this year as long as they can pull together 100% yields at their factories. There is a slim possibility that Samsung could ship 1.5 million flexible panels for devices ranging between 5 and 6-inches, now this would fit in perfectly with the new Samsung Galaxy Note 3, which is expected to have a 5.7-inch display.

Ok, 1.5-million is not a lot but it is a start, Samsung could release the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with a flexible 5.7-inch display as a test. Release SGN3 test units to reviewers so they can give the phablet the once over, and if successful then they can release to the public. There is no real rush to release the Note 3, we would prefer the ultimate smartphone rather than release something quick wishing it had more to offer.

It would be good to have the new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with a flexible display, it could incorporate many new features such as bending one way to open the browser, or bend another to open notifications, you get where we are going with this, the options could be fantastic. The main goal here with flexible displays is to make devices stronger and more durable; it would be so much better than glass, which cracks when dropped.

The only downside to flexible displays is that we would not need a case to protect the device; this would put a lot of case manufacturers out of business. Samsung could produce a limited number of Galaxy Note 3’s right now for testing, and if all goes well then they can think about mass market. So far to date the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is expected to feature 5.7-inch Super AMOLED full HD display, Android 4.3 operating system, 2 processor variants include the quad-core 2.3GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 and the Exynos 5420 Octa-core, 3GB, 13MP camera on the rear, S Pen and much more.

In a Nutshell
Samsung could launch the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 on September 4th and release soon after; there are so many Samsung Galaxy S4 variants so we cannot see a problem having a few Note 3 Variants.

Release the Samsung Galaxy in September and then in November release a few test units of the Note 3 with a flexible display, once they have been tested then Samsung can decide if it is viable to release to the public.

Would you like a normal AMOLED display Samsung Galaxy Note 3 as well as a flexible variant?


11 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note 3 flexible display variant”

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    Babs Oyed says:

    Only if the flexible display will mean
    1. It does’t break or get damaged if I drop the phone
    2. Excellent sunlight legibility
    3. Excellent S Pen sensitivity and accuracy
    4. > 400PPI resolution
    5. Lighter and thinner device that accomodates a larger battery
    Otherwise, I’ll stick with the current amoled screen

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    Giveusyoum says:

    This is absolutely REQUIRED if they want to keep up their “Next Big Thing” mantra. LG has promised us a large form factor unbreakable screen by the end of 2013. The reason I did not buy the Note 2 and am HOPING to buy the Note 3, is the unbreakable screen, which will set it far and away as the BEST cell phone on the planet.

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    Giveusyoum says:

    The Youm display will greatly reduce the weight and space requirements, allowing for a larger battery or simply a smaller lighter device in ratio to the screen size. All great things, and no breaking your $800+ device with a single drop. YES PLEASE.

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    Dan says:

    I don’t get the appeal. I’ve never broken a phone screen, I know a handful people who have. It would be nice if it were unbreakable, but hardly a killer feature. I don’t see why a flexible screen is inherently smaller, brighter, lighter or any of the other things people are hoping for. Fair play to Samsung for looking at something cool, but it seems style over substance to me.

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    goodwinod says:

    If you could fold it to take up half the space that would be cool. Otherwise, I would go for less scratches on tje glass screen.

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    Douglas says:

    the feel of a flexible screen would be horrible. does anyone remember resistive screens? eww. ill just throw my glass screen in a case, than you. besides, you can poke a hole in glass

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