Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Octa vs. LTE


In just over two weeks the world will likely find out exactly what the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will deliver in terms of official specs and features, which is due to a press event that’s expected to unveil Samsung’s latest phablet. Some of our readers have previously mentioned that nothing else will matter after this date, although this is of course up for debate and dependent on the brands ability to meet high expectations.

Only last week we heard a rumor pointing to the possibility of a thinner Samsung Galaxy Note 3 thanks to an improved Wi-Fi chip, which needs less room and could potentially allow Samsung to make the handset even thinner if they wanted to rather than add something extra. Today, we wanted to highlight some other recent news that focuses on the processor and a range of specs for different countries.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Octa vs. LTE — while some people would prefer to have a version with the Exynos 5 Octa processor and LTE, it seems like things won’t be so simple. Last week we touched on the full list of countries thanks to Sam Mobile that reveal predicted variants of Galaxy Note 3 for each of these countries. The model numbers include SM-N900 with an Octa-Core plus 3G, SM-N9005 with LTE and a Snapdragon 800, then finally the SM-N9002 as an Octa-Core and Duos version.

It now seems like shoppers will have to choose between an Exynos 5 Octa with 3G and the Snapdragon 800 with LTE, although the US only has the latter option but this seems to be just fine for a number of people sharing their thoughts on this news.

One commenter said, “from what I’ve seen the Snapdragon 800 benchmarks higher than the Octa Core anyway”. Others are not happy and that can be seen with a number of comments like this, “you would have thought Samsung could produce an 8 Core 4G by now, but I’d rather have 4G than 8 cores considering how fast 4 cores is already”.

Would you prefer to have a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with 8 cores or LTE? Hit the comments with your thoughts. Let us know if you think the current quad core options are fast enough and if 4G is more important to you.


13 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Octa vs. LTE”

  1. move it says:

    i want something even more important.. 32/64GB variants released for U.K. apps dont transfer to SD and the bigger this device becomes the more relevant it becomes to have more onboard storage as it leans more towards a tablet then a phone (hence getting away with just 16gb)

    32/64 variants are already sold in some parts of the world and its about time the rest of us had a piece.

  2. Lulzor says:

    I would choose the octo-core if there was a chance of it being more power efficient than the snapdragon… I’ve not a clue how it will work out though, and I also happen to want LTE…

  3. Dr. Kevin Phillips says:

    Personally I will be most disappointed if I can’t have Octo-core AND LTE. I honestly can’t see why there would be any issue with having both. Hopefully this is just a pre-launch rumor.

  4. Lazza says:

    isn’t the octa core only able to use 4 cores at any one time? And isn’t the snapdragon 800 faster and built for LTE anway? Hence they are using LTE on that.
    I think this is just a headline core number issue. The snapdragon 800 is the better chip. I might be wrong but I’ve read a fair bit of commentary on this.

  5. drogen24 says:

    I dont understand why people want the LTE octa-core, its barely more power effecient the the snapdragon as it is. If you add LTE to it then it will be slower than the 800 and less power effecient. Whether there’s a LTE version of the octa-core or not, i’d say the snapdragon is a no-brainer.

  6. freddieboy says:

    Octa @ 1.8ghz can only use 4 cores @ a time, with a fair GPU.
    While the Snapdragon 800 @ 2.3ghz, Adreno 330GPU (killer graphics), lowest power consumption, LTE-Advanced (on chip) & is also the fastest. Remember a phone, tablet, laptop, desktop or mainframe is only as fast as its slowest component. Snapdragon 800 is the CPU/GPU of choice. It can also spool up/down from 1core to 4, therefore using less power & runs cooler, which make the unit faster also. Personally, I like the fact that rumor is the base unit will b 32gigs, with 64 optional. The dedicated camera button below the power button is a nice touch also. And u can store apps on the SD card now (like my wife’s GS4) & the capacitive button work wit the stylus now. Since Samsung also purchased 50% of a major Carbon Fiber Co., the Carbon Fiber back batt cover is also a nice touch. By the way the Note 3 is slightly smaller than Note 2 with bigger screen (like GS3/GS4) & is <8mm thin. My Notr 2 is 9.6 mm. And of course bigger batt., prob 3200mah. Just for the record unit looks a lot like an oversized I-5, guess Apple will b thrilled. Poor Babies.

  7. trevourlance says:

    both snapdragon800 and exynos5420 are good chipsets
    its just a matter of what fits you most
    — software development inclined: GET SNAPDRAGON
    — hardware development inclined: GET EXYNOS (then study how the octa works — well you can help the dev if you get to know the codes that sammy uses)

    going with korea’s variant — exynos + lte (no use for LTE-A for now as setting up lte-a will still take for years in 3rd world countries)

  8. TAUSMC says:

    I would like the Octa core with the speeds of the Snapdragon. The Big 4 core at 2.3ghz and the Little 4 core at 1.4ghz with 4G LTE. Of coursewith a great graphics chip too. I’m a person that likes it all. But if I had to choose I would say the Snapdragon 800 chip at 2.3ghz. I can always get a bigger battery if I need to. I was hoping Samsung would have also put at least 4,000 mah battery in. I’m also disappointed in another year of not having the flexible OLED screen. I think that would definitely change the market and would increase Samsungs hold on the smartphones.

  9. Jimmy Drew says:

    No doubt the Snapdragon is the way to go. Still waiting on news about the glass though. Will any one be using Gorilla Glass 4? I want to be able to view this one in bright sunlight.