iPad mini 2 features for current mini owners


There are plenty of reasons why the iPad mini 2 wouldn’t be considered by owners of the first generation smaller iPad, but could we see Apple produce a 2nd-gen with some twists to make you want to upgrade? Most users like to skip at least one generation thanks to the lack of improvements, although recently we have seen a number of Apple patents that might hint towards some cool iPad mini 2 features on the way.

We saw Apple deliver an iPhone with Siri and this feature didn’t appear on any other devices at launch, so this is a sales tactic that could be used again with iPhone 5S, 5C and the new iPad mini 2 expected to launch within the next couple of months. Siri met a lot of criticism, but new iPhone buyers talked about the exclusive feature and it even made thousands purchase an iPhone 4S.

iPad mini 2 features for current mini owners — so, what could Apple feature on their second-generation iPad mini to make you want one, especially if you own the current model? The most talked about improvement would be a Retina display, although this is a feature that made a lot of people wait for iPad mini 2 and skip the first model in hope that it would eventually arrive.

Retina might not be a big deal to current iPad mini owners and even a specs bump wouldn’t necessarily be enough for an upgrade this year, but how about a fingerprint scanner and improved security in iOS 7 thanks to a feature like that? We could see the fingerprint sensor incorporated into the home button, which would be used for user authentication and maybe a few other tasks like secure payments.

Hit the comments with the features you’d like to see arrive with iPad mini 2, and is there something that would make you want to upgrade from the first generation?

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7 thoughts on “iPad mini 2 features for current mini owners”

  1. Charles Chambers says:

    Meh… I had a fingerprint sensor on my Motorola Atrix. I only used it once.

    1. Carlos says:

      All that says is that the Atrix had a useless implementation of the fingerprint sensor.

      People said the same thing about Facetime when it came out. “I’ve had video calls before. Never used it”, and now every phone has a front facing camera for video calls.

      1. Charles Chambers says:

        You make a good point. However, Motorola implemented it really well. It was on the unlock button. I just always keep my phone with me. Coincidentally, I haven’t used “FaceTime” in a couple years. I like that it’s there if I ever want it, but it’s been underutilized for me.

      2. Charles Chambers says:

        A fingerprint sensor doesn’t feel innovative (because it’s not). I more appreciate things like HTC’s front facing speakers. Now there’s something I use daily that truly enhanced the phone.

  2. Rich says:

    I’d upgrade if it were a phone. Competition for the Samsung Mega. I’d love just one device!

  3. ben shaw says:

    Still only have my original ipad 1, they never upgraded this to ios 6 so still on ios5 but as I do not use video conferencing or video chat and I think an ipad is too big to take photos. Still only on an iphone 4 aswell, played with the ipad 4 and iphone 5 but just not enough difference to make it worthwhile paying out the price for an upgrade, if the original ipad mini had a retina display I would have upgraded as the current model is at a good price point for me, if they release an ipad mini 2 with retina at the sametime as the ipad 5 then I will have to consider which model I find better for my needs and will upgrade, by upgrading the iphone 4 to ios7 means I probably have no reason to upgrade to an iphone 5s, if I hadn’t brought so many apps since first getting an Iphone then I would probably switch a galaxy but I do not want to lose all my past purchases at this point.