Galaxy S4 vs. HTC One mini – Mophie Juice Pack demand


Getting the most out of your smartphone in terms of battery life is one of the more important features, but more often than not we can be left a little disappointed. It is for this reason why we look to third-party accessories to fulfill our needs in order to get the sort of battery life that is needed.

There are many ways in which you can do this, such as carry a spare battery, which is ideal for the Samsung Galaxy S4, or to use a battery case, perfect for the HTC One because it does not come with a removable battery.

The HTC One Mophie Juice Pack is one of the more popular accessories because it is slim and gives you an extra boost of life when needed. The Galaxy S4 Mophie Juice Pack had been MIA for a while, but has just recently been released, but it does raise the question as to why it is needed, which we will get to in a while.

Not that these two flagship handsets from HTC and Samsung now have the ability to increase their battery life, when are we likely to see the Mini version?

A Galaxy S4 mini Mophie Juice Pack and a HTC One mini Mophie Juice Pack is an interesting one as we have no idea if they will ever be released, but we’d love to know if you would welcome their release?

The likelihood of these mini smartphones getting the Mophie Juice Pack is slim, the reason we say this is because the Galaxy S3 mini never saw the battery case.

A Mophie Juice Pack for the HTC One mini is more important to have than the S4 mini, this is because the former does not have a removable battery and so you cannot just swap a battery over if needed.

This is the good thing about the Galaxy S4 mini, as well as it bigger brother, because if the battery runs down then it is just a simple task of swapping the batteries over.

No doubt some of you will say they don’t like the idea of carrying a spare battery with them, but surely it is better than adding more bulk to your smartphone by using a battery case?

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