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Flappy Bird could be reborn with re-release

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Date: March 11th, 2014

Earlier this year the mobile world were treated to the hugely popular Flappy Bird game that has since been taken down and spawned a massive range of similar games, but now there is a chance that Flappy Bird could be reborn with a re-release.

There have been numerous copies of the Flappy Bird game but the apps creator has recently been talking in an interview, and has given more insight into his decision to take the game down from the App Store and Google Play.

The massive press coverage along with unwanted attention that he received in his home town of Hanoi led to his decision. There was criticism of the game being too distracting to children of the world, and as Dong Nguyen also got in trouble at school for playing too much attention to the game Counter-Strike, led to the game being pulled.

He has also revealed that he is considering putting the game back on the App Store, but it would come with a warning for users to take a break, and despite the game no longer being available to download it is still generating cash for the developer.

Would you like to see the game re-released or have you moved onto something better?

Source: Rolling Stone via MacRumors.

Flappy Bird could be reborn with re-release

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