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Microsoft Surface Power Cover releases on March 19

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Date: March 11th, 2014

Accessory news today comes in the form of the official Microsoft Surface Power Cover that features a full QWERTY keyboard. This accessory arrives on March 19th and pre-orders are now open. The cover is compatible with the Microsoft Surface 2, original Surface Pro, and Surface Pro 2.

It’s not cheap as it has a price tag of $199.99, but for power users it would probably be worth the investment. The laptop keyboard can act as a screen cover and when folded back like a book the keys are disabled. The accessory can also extend the battery life of the Surface by up to 70% and can charge your Surface while you’re working.

You can pre-order the Surface Power Cover now at the Microsoft Store source below, and you might also be interested in some news from earlier today about the Surface 2 LTE coming to AT&T. Will you invest in this official Microsoft Surface accessory?

Source: Microsoft Via: GSMArena

Microsoft Surface Power Cover ships on March 19

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