Sony Xperia E1 review outcome may disappoint


The Sony Xperia E1 and E1 Dual smartphones have released recently and we are seeing a huge amount of interest in these reasonably priced handsets. If you’re still undecided whether to spend your hard-earned cash on this device we have a Sony Xperia E1 review to show you today, although some may be disappointed at the outcome.

At Phones Review we’ve written many reports about this phone now, the latest being a comparison of the Xperia E1 against the Moto G. The YouTube video that we’ve embedded beneath this article comes from Phone Arena, and will give you a good overall impression of what the phone has to offer.

At the beginning of the review the design and build of the phone is discussed and a hardware tour given. It continues by detailing the display, software experience, key specs and performance, camera set-up, battery life and more. We don’t want to completely give away the verdict on the phone, but it doesn’t actually get a very impressive rating and at the end of the video you’ll see a list of pros and cons about the device.

When you’ve checked out the video review below it would be good to hear your thoughts on this. Do you think you will still go ahead and buy the Sony Xperia E1, or will you consider an alternative smartphone?


3 thoughts on “Sony Xperia E1 review outcome may disappoint”

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    James says:

    I’ve ordered an E1 and looking forward to getting it, only £79.99 on O2 Pay&Go. love the look of the device and it has an expandable memory which is useful.

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    Frans85 says:

    i don’t care about the E1’s built-in camera. I have a digital cam which is way better than any high-end phone anyway. What’s important in E1 is that its UI is very fluid, it rarely lags unlike samsung or LG. Even though it only has 512ram, E1 can still play games such as dead trigger, asphalt, and more.. It’s battery usage is also very optimized. You can watch videos for 7-8 hours..

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