Amazon smartphone rumors re-surface, June intro touted


We’ve been reporting on speculation of an Amazon smartphone for some years now, and it’s one of those stories that re-emerge from time to time before all goes quiet again. Now the Amazon smartphone rumors have surfaced again, and this time a June introduction and September release are being touted, and there are also suggestions it will feature 3D.

We last reported on the Amazon phone in March when we told how after years of looking almost mythical, a well-known analyst had now said it would launch within 3 to 6 months. We included some rumored specs and also the analyst’s belief that the Amazon phone would pack six cameras, with four extra cameras utilizing gesture control to supplement the usual rear and front-facing cameras.

Now the Wall Street Journal has reported on the Amazon phone again and says that prototypes are already being shown to developers. As well as this it states that the device could be officially introduced in June with a September release in mind.

The report also adds that a distinguishing factor for the Amazon phone would be four extra camera that would enable the phone to project 3D without the user having to use special glasses, via the use of retina-tracking technology.

While none of this is confirmed yet, it does look as though the development of the Amazon phone is gathering pace, and we really could see a release within months. Are you intrigued by the idea of an Amazon smartphone?

Source: WSJ
Via: Engadget

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