Naval Warfare and Trading abound in Oceans & Empires from Joycity


Joycity has cranked out some popular games including the fan favorite Game of Dice. Oceans & Empires is the latest game from the developer and looks like a good one if you prefer your action take place at sea.

Oceans & Empires is billed as an MMO set at sea. That alone is enough to get thousands of mobile gamers chomping at the bit, but there is a trading element and naval warfare to boot. As its multi-player you will be able to set up alliances as you build up your fleet and attempt to become the top captain around. It is not a game for landlubbers…

oceans and empires

While there is plenty of sea creatures to defeat and trades to pull off Oceans & Empires is also a management/sim type of game. That basically means you will have to build up your town to get resources in order to keep your fleet in shape and afloat. As for the ships, there are 12 historical ones to unlock and plenty of cities to barter with. There is also a special Thanksgiving themed monster that will be available to celebrate the launch of the game.

We didn’t spend too much time with Oceans & Empires, but it appears to be a good one if you like city building throw in with your trading. The naval warfare aspect is not exactly action-packed which is usually par for the course with these types of games. That said, it’s free, the graphics are top-notch and there is more than enough content to keep you busy for ages.

Oceans & Empires for Android

Oceans & Empires for iOS


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