Samsung Galaxy S8 design leaks along with the price


There are leaks, and then there are whoppers. Today’s qualifies as the latter considering we may have just gotten a look at the Samsung Galaxy S8 design. It’s not the first time, but it is the clearest image of the handset thus far. We also have a rough idea of the Samsung Galaxy S8 price which may surprise some.

If you liked the LG G6 leak showing the top half of their new smartphone, you’ll love this one. Evan Blass has obtained images of the Samsung Galaxy S8 in all its glory, front and back. The smartphone is not powered on in the photos, but we can clearly see that it’s edged on both sides of the device which means no Flat panel this year unless Samsung surprises us.

One rumor that proved true is the home button. It’s gone, and we have a big lovely panel with no branding or distractions now. The rear of the smartphone now sports the fingerprint scanner beside the camera module with the Dual Flash array on the other side. We can also see the 3.5mm headphone jack slot at the bottom which should make plenty of folks happy this year.

Samsung Galaxy S8 design

In regards to the Samsung Galaxy S8 specs, nothing new was mentioned although VB touched on the Guardian report from earlier in the week when it comes to the sizes and some of the innards. One new tidbit does involve a pressure sensitive display which is said to be on the lower half of the handset and can sense the amount of force in your touches. In other words, all the leaks line up quite nicely and now we have a face to put with all those leaks.

This is the part where we tell you to take the leak of the Samsung Galaxy S8 lightly. As with any unannounced smartphone, things can change but we feel this is as close as we are probably going to get until April arrives. It looks just like we envisioned it would, and it’s going to cost you a little extra this year. The Samsung Galaxy S8 price is said to be €799 in Europe for the 5.8-inch model while the larger 6.2-inch beast will set you back €899. That’s roughly €100 more than last year depending on when you picked you the S7. We don’t think the consumers will mind, especially if the photos and rumored specifications all pan out.

What do you think of the Samsung Galaxy S8 design?

source: @evleaks,    VentureBeat


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