Trustworthy Galaxy S3 specs listing with pre-order?


Samsung’s Galaxy S II smartphone proved a must-have purchase on release last year and has carried on in popularity. Numbers of the device hit record amounts over and above any of the company’s expectation and now in the not so distant future a Galaxy S III or S3 is destined to be launched. Although Samsung […]

Anticipating Galaxy S3 price, what will you pay?


The Samsung Galaxy S3 (S III) is a highly awaited smartphone that has a lot of people talking, especially following the success of last year’s Galaxy S2. Today we’re anticipating what the Galaxy S3 price may be and want to ask our readers how much they are willing to pay for the next Samsung flagship […]

Samsung Galaxy S3 brings device of beauty


In the battle of smartphone supremacy, Samsung are reported to be bringing out a new Galaxy S3 smartphone to add to their existing range. Although its release date is still being batted about along with its possible specs, we can quite safety say that judging by the success of its predecessor the Galaxy S2, the […]

Galaxy S III expectations, what we know


News of the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy S III or S3 as its written is big news at the moment, and there’s a huge percentage hanging on to find out when it’s going to be officially showcased. Recent news is pointing to the South Korean company giving us a glimpse and details of the S3 at […]

Samsung Galaxy S2 Kenzo super-stylish case


Samsung’s Galaxy S II or S2 if you prefer released in 2011 to a much-welcomed audience of consumers. The phone took the world by storm and many wondered whether other rival handsets would struggle to keep up with its fast selling pace. Selling over and above what the South Korean company hoped to achieve, we […]

Samsung Galaxy S3 special event next month


News just keeps hotting up in relation to Samsung’s new Galaxy S III or S3 smartphone and today its no exception. Since the start of 2012, here at Phones Review we’ve brought you an abundance of news, be it rumoured specs, comparisons to other handsets, what features the S3 really should have and so on.

Droid RAZR vs Galaxy S3’s rumoured 7mm thickness


Samsung’s forthcoming Galaxy S III or S3 if your prefer, is definitely causing quite a stir amongst the mobile phone world, and its not surprising when you think about the S2’s success. Until officially confirmed, the rumour mill is now pointing to the S3 coming sometime in April/May.

Samsung Galaxy S3 the specs it should have


In 2011, South Korean company Samsung gave us the Galaxy S II that was to prove a popular choice amongst consumers, allowing the handset to sell over and above the company’s expectations. Setting a trend with its specifications, Samsung have now bought out other handsets including the Galaxy Nexus and the Galaxy Note. In the […]