Trustworthy Galaxy S3 specs listing with pre-order?

Samsung’s Galaxy S II smartphone proved a must-have purchase on release last year and has carried on in popularity. Numbers of the device hit record amounts over and above any of the company’s expectation and now in the not so distant future a Galaxy S III or S3 is destined to be launched. Although Samsung haven’t officially confirmed its release date and specs, multiple sources have been hedging their bets!

Today it seems that Samsung’s new Galaxy smartphone has appeared on a mobile phone website by the name of Mobilecityonline, with the option of pre-ordering the device despite no concrete details.

According to cnet.co.uk, although Samsung haven’t commented on the phone’s appearance, pre-ordering the device allows you to follow your transaction right through to the checkout process.

Specs wise there are some details missing which one would assume would be there for instance, its size and dimensions but a screen size of 4.65-inch, a 12 MP camera with 720p, 1.8GHz quad core processor and 16GB of internal storage are all features that have been listed and batted about already.

We cannot categorically say that these specs are the real deal, but for now all we can do is wait and hope that the much anticipated device is not too far away.

Are you a fan of Samsung? Perhaps you are holding out for the new Galaxy S III (S3)?


2 thoughts on “Trustworthy Galaxy S3 specs listing with pre-order?”

  1. Andrea Jervis says:

    waiting with baited breath
    when when when so many stories but nothing definate
    come on samsung you know the market is out there
    get the phone out to match it, or are you waiting to spoil the iphone launch

    get in first and release the s3

    cash in the bank
    by the way….make sure you produce enough ????

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