Firefox OS Peak, & Keon are official developer phones


A week or so ago we discussed the upcoming Firefox OS from Mozilla, due later this year. We said that contrary to widespread belief Mozilla would not be coming up with the actual devices that will run the Firefox mobile operating system and that the first hardware was likely to come from ZTE. Today we […]

Firefox for Android update now supports ARMv6 phones

Firefox for Android update

The last time we discussed the Firefox app for Android receiving an update was way back in June, but there has been an update to Android since then in the shape of Jelly Bean, so Mozilla had to act. There are a number of improvements made to this app, but the biggest is providing support […]

Firefox Mobile OS devices in 2013 by Alcatel and ZTE


There’s big news today in the mobile world. In the battle between operating systems dominated by Google Android and Apple iOS, with Windows Phone smartphones on the rise, we have news today that mobile devices will be arriving in 2013 using Firefox OS, a mobile operating system derived from Mozilla’s Firefox browser. In a development […]

Mozilla iPad browser Junior on route Safari gets worried


There are many that use Mozilla’s Firefox Web browser on their laptops, desktop PCs, and other mobile devices, but today we have news that the company is currently working on a new Web browser for the Apple iPad called Junior, and will take on Apple’s Safari. As an article over at Cnet is reporting the […]

Mozilla Firefox Beta for Android truly optimized


Good news today for Android device users who enjoy using Mozilla Firefox as the Firefox Beta for Android is now truly optimized. The new native Android user interface has now reached beta stage and yesterday it became available from Google Play. This should please many people as the app will offer the standard Firefox browsing […]

Boot to Gecko phones running Mozilla Firefox

Boot to Gecko phones running Mozilla Firefox

The rumours of a Boot to Gecko smartphone isn’t a new thing as the rumour that a handset running Mozilla Firefox has been doing the rounds for quite a while, but apparently a Boot to Gecko smartphone actually turned up at the MobileFocus press event, and was a smartphone running Mozilla’s alpha version of a […]

Android ARMv6 devices blessed with Mozilla Firefox Alpha


Android device users were pretty pleased when the Mozilla Firefox browser first became available for their use. However, the one drawback was that it only worked on newer Android devices but the good news today is that a Mozilla Firefox Alpha has now been released for users of older ARMv6 devices. The arrival of one […]

Nokia N9 Firefox mobile browser update

Nokia N9 Firefox mobile browser update

With many smartphones users have the option of improving the experience they have with them with the addition of extra software and applications. The great Nokia N9 is no exception to that and now we have news of a Firefox mobile browser update. Nokia N9 owners have been treated some nice goodies recently, and as […]

New Firefox for Android Download Update with Features

Firefox for Android Download Update, Empowers Developers

Mozilla has been very busy indeed of late, they have just released its new Firefox for Android update with many new features. This update is now available to download. This is all about empowering developers to create seamless Web experiences, in a nutshell it basically means cool features added to save time when browsing the […]

Nokia N900 & N810 Mozilla Firefox Download available


Great news for Nokia owners out there in possession of either a Nokia N900 or Nokia N810 if you didn’t already know then you will now Mozilla Firefox RC1 for Maemo is available right now for download. Otherwise know as Mozilla Fennec, the Mozilla Firefox promises to make you forget all about the iffy stripped […]