UK O2 outage anger grows users threaten to leave

O2 anger

We all rely much more on modern technology these days in our busy lives, and when something goes wrong besides being frustrating, it can also be extremely inconvenient as well. Back in July customers of UK mobile phone carrier O2 were left with no service for a long time, and yesterday many users had the […]

New 2012 O2 outage affecting millions of customers, fix promised

New O2 outage

Most of us would feel completely lost if we lose or go out somewhere without our mobile phones, but millions of O2 customers have experienced this problem during 2012 without doing either of these things. Now some more network downtime has today been affecting the carrier’s long suffering subscribers. The carrier had a major problem […]

Likes & Dislikes About O2 Network & Service

Likes & Dislikes About O2 Network & Service

If you are an O2 customer you may have become somewhat disgruntled with the network over their network outage, which we reported on previously and can be read (here), and this isn’t the first time the network has experienced problem. Now we know that any network can have problems at one time or another, that’s […]