Likes & Dislikes About O2 Network & Service

If you are an O2 customer you may have become somewhat disgruntled with the network over their network outage, which we reported on previously and can be read (here), and this isn’t the first time the network has experienced problem.

Now we know that any network can have problems at one time or another, that’s the way of things and no network can guarantee their service will be there every minute of the day and night forever without the odd interruption.

But it does seem to becoming a habit with O2 as they also has problems with the network back on the 11th May 2010 but luckily enough although these problems have occurred at roughly the same time of year they are at least a year apart.

Comments on our recent O2 outage Q&A post range from one readers saying “Think I’ll be moving from o2 at the end of my contract in a couple of months! Disgraceful!” to another posting “a national telecoms company without a proper backup (or effective) disaster recovery plan….absolutely disgusting considering we’re in the 21st century!!!”

Personally I am not affected by O2 network and service problems because I am with T-Mobile, have been for a few years now and I do have to hand it to T-Mobile, I have never had an issue with coverage or outage apart from the odd unavailability of signal now and again but that passes after a couple of minutes or I move elsewhere, so not really an issue.

No doubt many people like O2 as their provider and I know a few who are with the carrier, and I know some that wouldn’t go with O2 for any reason, but this recent network and service problem has prompted our question above.

We’d like to hear from our readers that use O2 to let us know their likes and dislikes about the O2 network and service, perhaps you think O2 is the best provider or is the worse when it comes to sorting things out.

Perhaps this last O2 outage has been the final straw for you and you are looking for another carrier, or perhaps you haven’t been affected and believe O2 is the best thing since sliced bread.

Whatever your views of O2 UK we’d like you to post your opinions of the carrier and their service to our comments area below…many thanks.


2 thoughts on “Likes & Dislikes About O2 Network & Service”

  1. Jim says:

    Well I personally have had enough of O2, their bad customer service, poor reception and slow network have always bugged me, however, for some reason or other I have always stuck with them (probably laziness), the fact that the network has gone down and they are refusing to compensate people for it is the final straw. I know it would only be to the tune of about £1 per customer who was effected but even so they should be willing to show us customers that they value us. If this is their attitude to network issues, ignore and carry on, then goodbye O2.

  2. ndm says:

    jim get a grip-
    compensation for what? a theft at the building ?? hardly o2's fault. so network was down for what a day or half a day? so about 50p or less depending on tariffs- can't you just accept that things happen beyond someones control
    so your car gets stolen. is that fords fault?
    some people need to get real and stop playing the victim

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