O2 UK Network Problems: Have you been affected? Update

UPDATE: Today is 12th July 2012 and since yesterday O2 UK is suffering a network problem, read more about this here, we may also have a fix for you to try out here

Now we are not sure what is happening but it seems the O2 UK network is having problems and we would love to know if you have been affected.

The reason we are asking this is because I have been affected personally when sending a family member a text message, now he could send me a SMS message but he was not receiving them, I sent him another and still no response, he sent me one again moaning that I am ignoring him but I clearly was not.

Now we are not too sure if this is all part of the David Cameron becoming the new British Prime Minister after Gordon Brown resigned and then the O2 network went ballistic with calls, who knows.

Please let us know if you have been affected with the O2 UK network, and if you have please let us know what problems have occurred. Thanks


350 thoughts on “O2 UK Network Problems: Have you been affected? Update”

    1. Alex says:

      alex in bmouth here, no network coverage of any kind since about 945 tonite, still nothing. is it really due to volume of traffic caused by new PM?

    2. carly says:

      i cant call or txt or recieve txtx since about 4 today what is goin on so annoying if we was in a emergancy like i walk home late on me own i have no phone…

    1. Gary says:

      I can send & receive texts. I can also receive calls but i am unable to make a call. It just says 'No answer. I called 02 cust services (20 minute wait) and he said there eas maintenance work in the Fylde area. I just don't understand why i can receive a voice call but am unable to make them.

      Very confused'

  1. Rebecca says:

    i'm having problems, can't send or receive texts or phone calls – texts just fails, phone calls say network busy, been since about 8pm!

    1. James says:

      No signal still! since about 8pm Tuesday… now 2am Wednesday. I'm in Bristol, that would make sense but no idea whether that is the case?????????????


  2. Kaz says:

    I'm having problems with sending texts, keeps on saying message failed.
    I'm in the Birmingham area.
    Not sure if I call problems too as too late to bother anyone.

  3. Dave says:

    I've been affected by this, "No Signal" since around 7pm today and it's still the same.

    Exactly the same thing with my friend, also on O2, although he could access base level WAP functions and nothing else.

  4. Tim says:

    Both my self and my partner have I phones. Both on o2 we have had no network covarge since 10pm tonight
    11 may 2010 just keep getting mesage your network carrier is not scalable


  5. Cherie says:

    I am on o2 pay as you go and have had no incoming calls messages. I cannot send or receive texts either, since I noticed at around 830pm. Does anyone know what is wrong?

  6. Lauren says:

    I have been affected, I have had no signal for about 4 hours now whats so ever.. Many people on facebook who are on O2 are having the same problems.. Many people are saying it could be due to the volcanic ash cloud? Not sure if there is any truth in this..

  7. dave aldridge says:

    my phone is useless tonight i cant send texts or recieve them i can’t make phone calls or recieve them either im on o2 as well plus when i press *#10# to check my credit it says request failed.

  8. i have a iphone 3gs with 02 and had jailbroken it, afta a few days ie today i took the jailbreak off, all was fine i restored it too factory settings but one thing didnt change, when i had jailbroken my iphone i got a app called make it mine, it changes ur carrier too what ever you want and after restoring my pphone it went back too 02-uk then when plugging into itunes and puting my iphones back up from where i last plugged into itunes it synced everything back, please note that the last time itunes backed it up it was jailbroken, soo when it did back up for some reason it said my name instead of 02-uk and just after that about 8 o clock my phone said no service, did i doo something wrong or was it bad timing?

    1. BIDBOX says:

      No, you didn't do anything to affect the network on your phone. Make it Mine simply allows you to change the carrier name, not the carrier itself. Your "jailbroken" personalisation settings were removed when you wiped/restored your phone but it appears to have synched an old backup you may have made, restoring some of your old (even jailbroken) settings. This happens.

  9. rosie says:

    i've been having major problems and can't seem to get any network coverage at all, the 02 website on the current network coverage facility takes so long to load that i just get timed out so have no idea if there actually isn't any coverage or if it's my phone…..

  10. Liam From Devon says:

    Yeah, mine went down around 8pm and is still currently down, I am unable to recieve or send anything. There doesn't seem to be any news about this on the O2 web site, it would be nice for them to let us know what is going on.

    Liam from Devon

  11. Steph says:

    my boyfriend's on 02 and since 9pm tonight he cnt send nor recieve txts or fone calls…it's saying no network coverage on his fone..at first he thought it was his fone playin up and so he thought hitting it a few times might help the matter!! lol It's not only 02 but orange aswell so i'm hearing via facebook i know of atleast 20 people with same problem..Let hope by tomorrow morning it will all be back to normal!!!

    1. Sarah says:

      Same problem here Dan, I'm only up the road from you….my sim is showing as inactive, network error etc…got full signal on my phone tho, sent a text around 10pm, seems the problem happened to me just after that 🙁

  12. Muce says:

    yeah, got no service on my iPhone with O2. Nothing at all, and now you mention it, it was about the time cameron was elected that this happened. Hope it's fixed soon.

  13. heather K says:

    i havent been able to receive any calls or texts from my boyfriend since 8 o'clock this evening. kept getting error in connection. i live in Northern Ireland

  14. lise says:

    I have the same problem – have a new iphone but no service 🙁 I put my sim into an old phone and still no service so can only assume it is a problem with the network.

  15. name says:

    o2 has always got something going wrong its quiet franky gone beyond a joke its so bloody annoying! sort you damn systems out! and stop messing us around!

  16. BIDBOX says:

    Same here (South Wales). It's nice to see that o2 have acknowledged this problem on their website and haven't "alerted" people soley via Twitter. Oh hang on……

    This isn't the first time this has happened, I'm sure it wont be the last. Bring on the end of my contract… See you later oPoo!!!

  17. anonymous says:

    well…..I was supposed to meet up with someone for a romantic evening….but before I could find out where we were meeting I was cut off…so I have spent the evening alone, great!!!

  18. Mike says:

    3 phones in same house here in Bristol,all have been down since after 8pm.If you visit o2 site there seem to be problems right across the country.

  19. Lena says:

    Myself and 3 other people i know on O2 in Birmingham haven’t been able to use our phones since around 8.30pm. We cant make or recieve either calls or texts. Does anyone know when the problem might be resolved?

  20. Ross says:

    I bet you any money as soon as eastenders didn't come on everyone in the UK (80% probably with 02) text each other saying somthing or other

    anyway I spoke with 02 and they said they are aware of the situation and are looking into the matter

    I know much worse phone companies in my opinion 02 is great and always provide a good service.

  21. 050991 says:

    yeah i have gone down too since about 6 this evening.. its a pain in the ass! i dont know what is going on.. hopefully they have people fixing it..

  22. Joanna says:

    I am in Cwmbran, South Wales and yes, mine is down too. Have received 2 texts, one from an Orange Network and one from 3 Network, but none of my family with o2 have sent me a text, which I was expecting. Can't ring out either and says error every time I want to send a message. Also, can't get my balance, says not allowed. I am pay and go.

  23. Vincent says:

    No network since 20.00 last night, (Birmingham). Orange and Vodafone are running perfectly here; have been all night. This isn't the first time O2 has gone down either. It's the cardinal sin for a network operator.

  24. Liss says:

    I noticed no network coverage at around 9.30pm when I tried to make a call, though it could have been off longer. I have no service whatsoever. I think that it may be certain prefixes that are affected if it's not just smartphones (or else it could be totally random!) It's certainly not the mast as a family member also has a sim only contract on o2 with a nokia phone and hers is working as normal!

    I called o2 from her phone but the offices were closed. There was a message however stating 'you may be affected by network problems this evening, this is due to network congestion and we're looking to get this fixed as soon as we can', or something similar!

    Hopefully it will be back to normal tomorrow!

    Weymouth, UK

  25. Sarah says:

    I'm in Warwickshire and been having problems since about 8.30pm, very limited and sporadic signal (has full bars… then suddenly down to zero, then back up again) with texts taking hours to get through and calls just stopping with 'Connection Error.' Getting really annoying now!

  26. andy says:

    My phone lost network at 8ish, I’m in Bristol. But my brothers sim continued to work in any of our phones for about 15 minutes, then his went too. Still down now and I need it for work. O2s customer support line says they are experiencing network congestion and are trying to fix the problem, but I’d say it has gone a little further than that!

  27. ldogg says:

    hope that Bristol mast issue is not true i live in Bristol and my iphone has been dead since 730 the o2 website is sooooo slow to load any thing. bollocks i tell thee

  28. My phone has been saying "no service" since about 8.30. I was in Cardiff at the time and a friends mobile broadband on O2 died at the same time. It's now 1.25am and still the same.
    Wish O2 could be bothered to at least put something on the www to let their customers know what the he'll is happening.

  29. Lewis says:

    I, here in West Wales , have also been affected by this highly annoying glitch in the O2 network!! Let's just hope they're rolling out a new country wide 3G service! hmmm… I wish.

  30. Joey says:

    Report from South West wales – six of us with different handsets, all on O2. Four not working, two are. Bizarre. Sort it out, O2 – we don't want a repeat of what happened with TMobile recently in the US.

  31. Natalie E says:

    I live in Carrickfergus in Northern Ireland and ive had no signal since 9.00pm it keeps comin up 02,then No Access to network then blank,just so people know in County Antrim your not alone lol

  32. Valkyrie says:

    Same here in Milton Keynes – no coverage – surely there can't be THAT much interest in Cameron and his new best friends that the entire 02 network has jammed!

  33. Sarah says:

    Hi, thankfully I’m not just having the problem then!
    I’m in Swansea, managed to send a text around 10pm and was waiting for a call and thought it odd I’d not received it, checked my phone and it showed ‘inactive sim card’, also network error. Tried switching phone off/on, cleaned sim etc…still nothing! A friend just tried calling me and there was a dead tone, texts also failed both sending & receiving…what is going on with o2???
    Just topped up my phone too, will be calling o2 customer service in the morning!
    Hope network gets back to normal for us all soon 🙂

  34. Rob says:

    I haven't been able to send or receive calls or texts since about 9 this evening. I live in Bristol. Many people on facebook saying they've had the same problem.

  35. Paul Amery says:

    Same here. Had no coverage with 02 iPhone since around 8pm this evening. What is doubly unacceptable is the lack of coverage combined with almost no updates from 02 themselves on their home page. Totally unprofessional, and I'll be considering switching to a decent network (Vodafone)

  36. natasha says:

    got stranded as i got off a train and the telephone box was ripped from the wall……….this countries going to shit…….obviously a sign of things to come!

  37. Team42 says:


    Sounds like a bad case of you haven't a fucking clue what you're doing. Learn to speak English before you try to decipher the complicated instructions for "jailbreaking" (sheesh…) a piece of IT that isn't designed to work here.

    And it's "back to" not "back too".

    This thread was started about people suffering o2 service problems, not neanderthal arses who can't hotwire a dodgy piece of kit. So, back to the problem…

    The O2 network in Northern Ireland is down completely. No texts, no calls and no info from 02. Looks like the servers are down. I've tried calling o2 customers from BT landlines, sending texts from other networks and (why did I even bother) I tried calling o2 customer services.

    02 are out for the night.


  38. Phil Worsley says:

    No signal in Llanelli (SW Wales) all evening and still nothing.
    What utter crap service that O2 site has no service bulletins saying what’s happening like some broadband operators do!!!

  39. Baz says:

    This has also happend to me and it’s still not fixed and it’s 5:25 in the morning i live near Coventry in a town call Nuneaton dose anyone know when the network will be back and what’s going on?

  40. Mark says:

    I live in Birmingham, and have not been able to send or receive calls or texts since last night. Why is there no-one I can e-mail? I *can’t* make calls!
    I hoped it would be better in the morning, but it’s not!

  41. Bumbles says:

    12/05/2010 06:50 and my O2 phone still not working – and I can't see any notice on the O2 wwebsite regarding what is wrong or what they are doing about it. I'm in Swansea South Wales.

  42. Allie says:

    By the sound of the rest of you, iv been quite fortunate. Iv had no prob sending r receiving msgs. Jst been unable to receive phone calls. But rather annoyingly the same msg from a no of friends around 9 o’lclock keeps coming through on top of the normal msgs. So I woke up this morn wit 17 msgs most of these the same msg which I hav aleady received countles times last night. Blackberry west wales

  43. Steve says:

    Manchester area here. Seems okay at the moment but yesterday texts were being delayed considerable. Last night a text sent at about 22:30 arrived (and woke me up, grrr) at 5:30

  44. Ed says:

    Both our O2 phones lost signal last night (Tue 11th) in Bristol about 19:30, through to at least 23:30.

    Orange sim card used in same phone picked up Orange network instantly.

  45. BrianBelfast says:

    Same here in Belfast. Iphone is Alternating between “No Service” and “O2-UK” with no bars. Can’t call or text. It’s 8am Wednesday morning so I reckon it’s been this way for roughly 12 hours now. Total Pain. This is the third time I’ve experienced a major outage on the O2 network since I joined at the launch of Iphone 2G, but during the whole 16 year period I was with Vodafone this never happened once. I personally feel that this is a case of “eyes bigger than belly” and O2 have oversubscribed their network to a point that it can’t cope with the sheer number of phones. I’m sure most people have begun to notice the much longer delay between pressing “send” and hearing the ringing tone. I certainly have. Also as a little experiment, try texting a friend across the room. It used to be pretty much instant. It certainly isn’t any more. These are all signs of a cellular network under pressure. Thanks for reading.

  46. DarrenCambridge says:

    Similiar issues to everyone else on here….I live in Cambridge and none of my texts were being sent last night, i think it has been recitified now (at least for me) but only time will tell if my texts are going where they should and not sending the same text over and over again to people.

  47. TomFromDevon says:

    Yeah havent been able to make or recieve calls since 8pm last night. When I send a text the other person doesn't get it or it gets sent 4-6 times (even though ive only pressed send once). When someone sends me a text I end up getting it about 3 times (though with one person it was as high as 8!!)

  48. TOM says:

    Yh from about 9 pm last night i couldnt make/recieve calls or send/recieve texts on o2. i thought they might have blocked my phone or something becos when i insertede an orange sim card it worked fine and my sim worked fine on another o2 phone :S whereas the sim from the other phone wouldnt work on mine. very strange if u ask me but all seems fine now so lets hope it doesnt mess up like that again.

  49. Iain says:

    Total failure of the o2 network in Plymouth last night. My phone showed no signal, others that were showing signal were unable to make/receive calls and texts. This started about 8.30 and lasted until after midnight (not sure what time because i went to bed…lol)

  50. michelle croft says:

    at 2:43 this mornin i received 10 texts from 8pm to 2am last night and then again at 10:26 today another 14 texts from last nite/this morning…living in meir,stoke on trent

  51. Adam says:

    I'm in Birmingham, has either been on No Service or no bars since 8pm last night on my iPhone. Could not call or text or recieve anything also Internet and MMS was not working. Had all my texts come through eventually at 4 am this morning, many of the repeated several times.
    As I am on a business contract I am glad that the problem was resolved overnight as if the network was down during the day it would be a hinderance to my business. Have to aggree with the posts above, it seems we are all paying over the odds for our contracts and they still are not improving the networks.

  52. Ian Bale says:

    I called O2 last night. Seems they had a major problem which affected the majority of their network from about 7pm last night. Was still down at 2am, but seemed ok again at 4am.

    I was "unable to register on the network", so my guess (which having done 10 years programming mobile phone networks, is probably not too far off) is that they had a failure of their central customer database, hence it could not validate your SIM when trying to connect to the network, so no connection, no calls, no texts etc. There's little else that could affect the network on such a scale.

    Anyway, it up and running again today, so I guess they had their engineers working hard! Shame they do not make the same effort with the website! It would not have taken long to have put a message on there. I checked it before I called. I suspect many other would have been the same. Might have saved them dealing with a huge number of calls last night…

  53. Pam says:

    Hi, Yes Plymouth was affected last night. Phone said No Service so no telephone service or text messages. Like lots of other people I thouhgt my phone was playing up but nope phone was ok. All ok this morning . . .phew!

  54. abbey renshaw says:

    my phone was down all night when ever i tried to send a txt it said no network and no calls could come through to me or out form my phone. about nine o clock this moring all my txts came through since about 8pm last night.

  55. Michaela X says:

    My phone is going berserk. none of my texts or calls are working since about 8pm last night. This proves a problem when you dont have a home phone. About 4am this morning i was awoken by my phone going mental with texts coming through…. a total of 57… 49 being the exact same message from another o2 user. Kind of annoying!!! now this morning my texts are being sent but saying they are failing? my phone is still rejecting all incoming and outgoing calls. When will this be back up and running as it has been a total of about 18 hours and rather infuriating?? im kinda in the middle of a romantic drama…i want 2 retaliate.

  56. paula, worcester says:

    Hey, my O2 is still not working, went down about 8.30pm last night, have been able to send a few texts to day even thou it says resend, yet the texts have actually gone through, still cant make calls and only other networks can ring me, is anyone else still having problems

  57. Bumbles says:

    my mobile is STILL NOT WORKING ! I don’t have a fancy iphone or 3G phone, and i’m only on pay-as-you-go. I’ve tried switching my phone off and back on but it’s now gone 3pm and I still cannot make or receive calls …………………….. not happy here in Mumbles, Swansea

  58. Amanda says:

    I am still having problems now, I can't make any calls and can only receive calls from landlines. Although my sister is having no problems at all (whilst in the same house). All O2 could say was should be resolved by the end of today!!

  59. Bumbles says:

    I STILL don't have any mobile service, I'm on pay-as-you-go, with just a basic mobile phone (none of your fancy 3g stuff). I've tried switching the phone off and back on, I've tried selecting the network manually, but I still cannot make or receive calls, Seriously considering a trip to Swansea to buy myself a new phone on a different network. Definitely NOT HAPPY in sunny Mumbles !! 🙁

  60. Craig M says:

    I have just spoken to O2 regarding this matter. The faults that we have been experiencing since 8pm on Tues 11 May are due a major unplanned power outage whilst working on their network. It has affected users from N. Ireland, Wales and the midlands down to Bristol. The power issue has been resolved but there has been a knock on effect which is requiring engineers to carry out remedial works on many different cell sites across the country. THERE IS NO GUARANTEED TIMEFRAME ON TOTAL RESOLUTION. This is totally unacceptable. I suggest that everyone write to the following address to complain as we HAVE THE ABSOLUTE RIGHT AND DESERVE to have the service we pay good money for. These large corporations need to understand and appreciate that collectively, we their individual customers, are the ones that pay their salaries and that if we all collectively were to STOP using their services they would be OUT OF BUSINESS! They have an obligation to us and they should compensate us accordingly. Write to: O2 Complaints Review Service, PO Box 302, Dunstable, LU6 9GN.

  61. Twitch says:

    Not able to text / phone or receive texts or calls since 8pm last night here in Swansea . Advice given by 02 customer service keeping switching mob off/on but no joy aaaaaggggggghhhh. Not good…….What's going on ?????

  62. Pete says:

    No signal in Bournemouth Area since last night so that's over 24 hours and they don't even have the courtesy to post something on their website. The irony of their network problem page which says give us a call makes me laugh! I would if I could make a call!

  63. Dave says:

    9.30pm 12th May, Cwmbran, South Wales – still unable to make calls or send texts although I am being charged for the failed text attempts. Thank you very much O2.
    Have tried the usual; switch off phone, remove battery and SIM but still the same. Have a Sony Ericsson phone. Very frustrating although people can phone me and I'm receiving texts.

  64. Does anybody know what is with this Network comms problem, it is affecting most networks, not just O2. A friend is with Tesco Mobile, apparently failure is with random mobile numbers across south west UK.

  65. SIAN says:

    friends and family including myself have had limited coverage and getting worse since last night around 8ish not a dicki bird from o2….

  66. jess says:

    my network went for ages last night. I have signal now but when ever i try and send a txt it comes up in my outbox and says waiting, then says sending, and its sent the same message more than once. Its using all my credit!!

  67. cc43 says:

    Ive got tesco pay as you go which Im led to believe piggybacks off O2 network and my phone hasnt been able to make any calls since tues evening. Its now past midnight on thurs (12/5) and still nothing! I can receive some calls and have sent some txts but its hit and miss. Infact a few txts have sent over and over costing me money! Went to tesco store yesterday and they said the network had been down for 18 hrs but I need my phone as I dont have a house phone. I live in Merthyr Tydfil South Wales

  68. Quynh says:

    I have problems with O2 sim but maybe not as serious as some of you. I can not call anybody. But I can text (although it says message sent failed and stored in outbox, the receiver still got my sms anyway), I can also receive call and texts. I really want to hear the official announcement from O2 as soon as possible to know when these problems will be dealt with.

  69. Hester says:

    I liven in south Wales and am on the tesco mobile network. I am still unable to send or recieve texts or calls, this has been since 8pm on 11th may. Rang tesco up and they are doing the normal fobbing off. I think their communication is utter crap.
    Bring back my signal NOW!!

  70. Bumbles says:

    Well, here we are……… it’s now Thursday afternoon & my mobile phone still not working since the problems with the O2 network on Tuesday night. I’ve rung O2 customer service twice, but they were about as much help as a chocolate parasol in a heatwave!!
    I’ve now received several texts from O2, some tell me I should now have service – NOT! …. but if not to text them – but I CAN’T SEND ANY TEXTS EITHER !!!!!!!
    Others are configuration messages from O2 which don’t open – when I try to open them I get “configuration error”.
    I can’t even use my mobile for SOS calls
    Is anyone else still having problems?

  71. Jackkk. says:

    I’m stil having this problem. I can text people but it’ll send the same text 3-4 times but cannot make calls because it fails and when people ring. it sounds engadged.
    anyone else having trouble stil?

  72. Alex Lake says:

    Mine's been flakey for the last day or so.
    Mind you, so have some of our ADSL services. I'm wondering if it's related to a flood in a big BT exchange a month ago. Perhaps they've cleared out the mess and are trying to reroute traffic back through it?

  73. Sue says:

    So glad I've seen this. I've not been able to make or recieve calls or send texts for 2 days and I was just about to buy another phone!
    My signal is still a bit in and out but it seems to be working now. i'm in South Wales.

  74. NJH says:

    we're in North Wales. Also struggling with no network coverage. Three days of outages and we're all paying for this service??? Shocking

  75. Bumbles says:

    Guess what – at long last I am back on the air and I can now make and receive calls on my mobile phone !!!
    This was after my third call to O2 customer service, when I was told that I would need a new SIM card, and that the quickest way to get one would be to visit the nearest O2 shop for a replacement.
    Before I did that I gave it one more try, switched it off again, waited half an hour or so, and then switched it back on …… and this time it worked …. I could make & receive calls….. whoopee!
    So for anyone else still struggling to get service …… persevere ……it does seem to suddenly come back to life !!

  76. jeff evans says:

    Able to call out and receive calls but txts just keep on resending until I delete them in outbox. Phoned cus services on my landline and spend 14 mins on hold and another 10 talking to c s adviser. Not good enough from supposedly the best provider!!

  77. Scarlett says:

    My and my hubby’s phones (Tesco) went down Tuesday night. No incoming or outgoing calls, texts ‘failing’ but still getting through. Signal seemed fine. Today my texts are still getting through but still showing as failed??? Started receiving calls again but outgoing calls sporadically working.

  78. Spencer says:

    Well I'm on 02 mobile monthly broadband, and I live in Llanelli. The majority of the time the internet access is limited, recently the service has got allot worse due to long periods of the network being down for several hours. They normally run maintenance once every 2 weeks, but usually it’s on the weekend from 2am to 6am, during this time, as you all may have experienced “yes” the network is offline.

    However, o2 need to start broadcasting there scheduled down times for network maintenance in our areas, which they are currently not doing. This neglect of service causes lots of problem for both mobile phone operator and 02 mobile broadband consumers.

  79. spencer says:

    For o2 mobile broadband consumers using windows 7 or XP.
    Connection issues:
    As pointed out above, the connection issues are becoming a major problem, but there is a twist to this issue. What you will see is a signal on your computer showing that the coverage is good, but when u look at your computer "Cellular Profile" it will display a yellow triangle, which means you’re not connecting to their ISP server, and here is the “twist” other times you will be connected without the display of the yellow triangle and still be unable to browse the internet.

  80. spencer says:

    Data usage & Time left – which you’re paying for?
    The whole connection issues are enhanced at this stage as your paying for a service/network subscription that is not fully functional. The way the 30 day subscriptions works is like this, you have a download capacity of 3 Gigabyte and also a time limit to browse the internet (30 days), each time you connect to the internet “some of your capacity is used”, when you load any web page, the contents of the webpage is directly downloaded straight on to your PC.
    However, here is the (main concern – even though your unable to connect to the internet, and your connection manager is showing your connected your subscription time is still being used, Now if you do the math on this, then 8 hours of downtime multiplied by 4 is 24 hours of loss of internet connection, and this is without the slow speeds making it virtually impossible to load any online application.

  81. spencer says:

    O2, need to display on their main page about affected areas of downtime maintenance, otherwise in the future they will lose allot of customers due to their lack of communication. PS Don’t bother asking their sales reps in the shops as they are not technical -Write to 02 directly and explain the problems.
    Thank you for your time and consideration

  82. Adele says:

    (Wimborne, Dorset) O2 seems to be working fine on iPhone as that is how I am typing this. However, unable to connect to the Internet on an o2 Dongle and Internet seems to be down on 02 payasyougo. The problems started over a week ago and no helpful advice has been given from O2 apart from deleting the usuals, reinstalling, and ensuring credit. None of the suggestions worked and the support section needed on the 02 web site is undergoing maintenance.

  83. spence says:

    Since my last post about o2 mobile broadband the coverage has got allot worst, daytime internet surfing is a bit like hit and miss. When the Connection manager let’s you connect, you then have about 10 minutes of surfing before the connection freezes. 02 will tell you that you need to reinstall a new connection manager, but I can assure you that this isn’t the problem. The problem is there side and not ours and is also affecting other mobile broadband providers including orange.

  84. No name says:

    Yep. I’m having really bad reception. I can’t send messages no problem, just can’t recieve them atall. Sometimes takes an hour for them all to pile through.

    How annoying

  85. Phil says:

    i have been experiencing problems with o2 on and off now for about 2 weeks. my iphone shows full service but all incoming calls are going straight to voicemail and i cannot call out or send text messages. it generally seems to happen around mid to late afternoon and continues through the night. in the mornign the phone appears to be working and a raft of voicemail and texts come through, only to repeat the following afternoon.
    i'm off to o2 this afternoon to get a new SIM as customer services think that's where the problem lies, but several of my friends and colleagues are on o2 and they are also having random loss of service even though their phones show full reception…

  86. dingosteve says:

    full signal or so it says, but cannot send or receive either voice /data/text my phone is basically a shiny piece of plastic with a little telly 🙁 been like this for days. Had battery out, cleaned sim card all the usual stuff. All my mates on 02 have same problem.

  87. spence says:

    O2 mobile broadband review in West Wales, week 3 – Since my last posting the o2 mobile broadband in Llanelli has got worst if that is possible to imagine – The Coverage is fine, the issue goes back to o2 implementing a new network management systems that restricts bandwidth usage to an acceptable amount for each customer.

  88. spence says:

    Please read this link http://broadband.o2.co.uk/home/ofcom.jsp
    it’s the same as bandwidth throttling which o2 have denied doing in the past – and if that was true then they would have never been able to launch the network traffic management program – what they actually did was congest their own network when they launched it nationwide and this is what the problem is with everyone using 02’s services including sending and receiving texts and so on, including the rapid decline of mobile broadband speeds.

  89. Spence says:

    O2 mobile broadband review in West Wales, week 3 – Since my last posting the o2 mobile broadband in Llanelli has got worst if that is possible to imagine – The Coverage is fine, the issue goes back to o2 implementing a new network management systems that restricts bandwidth usage to an acceptable amount for each customer

  90. Yeh, ive been having these problems at home, in bath, and also last weekend in London. I also get the same problems at Football games in Swindon, especially during peak times during half-time or immediately before or after the game.

    The problem i am having is irrational, i will be having a text conversation, when all of a sudden i get Message Send Failures, am unable to send/receive texts or calls, and also data. This often happens even when i have full signal and 3G. I can't understand it.

    Since the last couple of weeks, the problem has been getting steadily worse and more annoying, specifically in London when i couldnt make any calls whatsoever which was a problem after crashing my car and needing help!

  91. Grade says:

    In the NW. Having problems with calls and texts, I thought it was the phone until I decided to search google for O2 network issues. Now I’m not so sure!

  92. Chill says:

    my phone had full bars, had o2 on the screen, but no calls were coming through and no texts> When i tried calling myself from my landline it went straight to answerphone. Iv a business line and when i woke up nothing came through i had thought that business was just really quiet. Till my friend phoned me on the landline, i rebooted the phone and it was fine, a whole back log of text came through at once. i called o2 and they didnt mention anything just said that its probably nothing. o2 just tell your customers. i lost out on 2grands worth of business that day.

  93. terry says:

    live in Orpington, kent. wife & I have sony erricsson phones & mostly in the evening we are unable to make or receive calls, usually it comes up as call disconnected or goes straight to answer phone. O2 say there nothing wrong with the signal & it must be the house. We have lived in the house for 3 years & the trouble only started in january when we renewed our contracts. If we use our old phones we still have the same problem. O2 contract – SE W995 & SE Aino phones.

  94. Steve says:

    Im with tesco mobile who use O2's network and my texts are frequently not getting through, even when i request a delivery report and it says the text has been sent the person i have sent it to is still adamantly sure they dont have a text, also i called someone and the correct tone sounded, i waited and waited until it said "no answer" even then the person i called didnt even realise they had been called, no missed calls or anything, there is something seriously wrong

  95. Steve says:

    ohh and i can recieve texts just not send them, so its annoying when people think im ignoring them and theres nothing i can do about it, it works okay during the morning but then as it gets later it worsens, when i was on pay as you go it was fine, ive had a contract for about 2 months now and the problem gets worse and worse

  96. Nick says:

    Yes, it's been useless in Bournemouth for the last few days. Constant 'the call failed' messages, going straight to answerphone with full reception, not getting texts or annswerphone messages for hours on end. Hopeless!!

  97. Sue says:

    I have two 02 phones and they have both been affected everything has been speradic since friday 4th june, calls, sms, email, internet, its absolutely ridiculous, on the rare occasion that they work you get cut off half way through a conversatuion, the rest of the time its just won't do anything. Been back and forth with 02, originally they tried telling us that it was hardware problem (on 2 phones at the same time, i think not) now yesterday (12th) they finally acknowledged that there is a major fault with the entire 02 network and they are trying to fix it.

  98. Peter says:

    Having constant problems with iphone and O2 dongle in Medway area. Been into O2 twice and on phone on numerous occasions. Told today (15th June) that all's now well and fixed. However, phone still not able to connect to itunes store, won't download any apps (was actually told apps store and itunes store totally different – tried to get into apps store and was told on screen that it couldn't connect to the itunes store!) and pay and go mobile dongle won't connect to site to allow me to pay and use it – and we've had it for over a week. got acknowledgement on Monday that there was a fault but no time given for rectifying it. Tonight phones software and possibly sim was blamed for lack of connection. Very poor

  99. ANGIE says:


  100. gary says:

    been having problem for weeks now had htc hd2 sent it off for repair 4 times thinking it was phone the sent me a xperia x10 the other day as a replacment but still getting same problems no 3g most off the time and people trying to phone me and its going strait to voice mail then i get a text 30 mins later telling me they tried to call.ive tried everything even got a new sim today and still crap i will soon be canceling my direct debit if they don't sort it out

  101. Simon says:

    Both my iPhone and O2 dongle have had hit and miss (far more misses) connection problems since 24/07/2010. Spoken to O2 three times today, all calls were unhelpful and no explanation was given. Finally got the dongle working if you can call waiting 10 minutes between page loading working. Anyone got an old 56k modem as that used to be quicker than the service O2 provide now.

  102. Nicki says:

    o2 have been down in the whole of Yorkshire, on and off, for the last couple of months. All my family are with o2, well they were but they have told o2 to cancel their contracts as their mobiles do not receive or make outgoing calls.

    Mine has been the same, you don’t know when your phone isn’t working, it looks fine and the reception bar is fine. Its not until you try to ring out or someone rings you, it says it’s unavailable!! If it carries on they will lose another customer!!

  103. Cheryl says:

    My daughters phone has said limited service, nothing about no signal though, so frustrating as she's going on holiday today & I won't be able to phone her.

  104. Alan says:

    i've had service for 2 years in the address i'm at, my service went down to nearly nothing 3 weeks ago, i got a new phone on a new contract for 2 years and the problem is still there. o2 told me there had been work done round the area, ever since the work has been carried out i can't get propper signal, apparently there's nothing i can do and i'm stuck on a contract with no service where i live although i've had full service for 2 years previous.

  105. lizzie says:

    i have been with o2 for 3 years and never had a problem untill this last year i have gone months with no signal whats so ever im am now in bit of a war with them because i dont feel i should pay for 7 months of having no signal due to them it was of then on and was very irritating i would never us o2 again because of the bad treatment i have recieved

  106. joshua says:

    yh i knw same here and i have not used my o2 sim contract and the charges for this month are £624 and they are not doin anythin about it and the worse thing is that i only get £50 a week any ideas what i should do

  107. Paul says:

    I live near letchworth and service has always been poor. Never received 3g at home, and now seems my iPhone is dropping even the most basic of connections. Looks like time to switch as my work samsung has full 3g on vodafone

  108. Emm says:

    I live in Kent,and the network went down on 23rd August for three days, they had no idea what the problem was, or that there was even a problem at all…then again on sunday no signal, called again and have been told they dont know how long this will take to resolve. i pay £30 a month for a service i cant use. i was told once the signal is back up and running to call customer service and they will refund me some money. Friends who have also called with the same problem have been offered £10 back!!!!! Never had a problem with O2 before, but this past month has made me think again about taking out another contract with them once my two year one is up!
    Does anyone know if its possible to get out of a contract if they cant up hold their part of it..?

  109. imi says:

    My phones been playing up for about a month now, used to get great signal in my house now am lucky to even get one bar when i'm sat downstairs and about 2 when upstairs. same for my mum and sister.

  110. Charlie Yates says:

    I have had all the above issues. I also now appear to get no, NO, signal; and I live in Brighton. Hardly a bloody backwater. Since getting the latest iPhone my signal is terrible. I however do not blame Apple for this as it is most definately O2. I wish they would sort it out as it is beginning toi really annoy.

  111. helen says:

    having problems in lostwithiel, cornwall . O2 signal has been out since 6pm september 10th 2010 and still out 36 hours later can any one tell me wants going on. Phoned o2 yesterday was told there was not fault after spending nearly 30 minutes on the landline. Someone must no wants going on !!!!

  112. Laura says:

    this happens to me everyday, i constantly have to check my phone by sending myself a 21202 txt to check my balance and then i retrieve all the messages i should have recieved many hours before. i am very unhappy.

  113. Roy says:

    O2 network getting worse in my area. used to have 4 bars all around house. now i have to go to one side of the house and lean out the window. I live in fivemiletown.

  114. m hanna says:

    iam in belfast northen ireland on o2 and my phone went down last night about 8pm and any one i know the same thing happened to them, any one know what realy went on?

    1. louise says:

      I am in Belfast BT6 and am at my wits end of what to do with o2. the past two weeks have been terrible, people cannot hear me at all but i can hear them perfectly. It is driving me mad and o2 have been less than helpful

  115. Dorothy Brown says:

    Every time I send a messgae to my hubby who is Asda vodaphone, he is repeatedly getting the same message its driving him mad, so I tried it from another 02 phone No and its the same. He thought it was because he had a new phone, but his network sent him a new sim and its still happening, really beginning to get on our nerves, can anyone help as his phone is going daytime and through the night?
    When I try to text my sister on Orange she is not receiving any texts at all, yet I can phone her ok?

  116. Babbler says:

    This is happening way too much now. I keep getting 901 messages when my phone has signal but no incoming call has happened! Also messges fail to send etc etc. Been like it for 2 weeks! SORT IT O2!

  117. holly says:

    my phone keeps pending when i txt my boyfrined but to anyone elsde its fine im on voder phone , i tryed calling my boyfriend , its keep sayin unable for sum reason but hes on o2 can anyone help me please thanks

  118. Frustrated 02 user says:

    Ive got no network coverage at all! No matter what i try whether it be dialling out or texting i get a message "emergency calls only" im getting contant 901 messages alerts too but cannot retrieve them. People that are trying to ring me are told that "this number does not exist" What the hell is going on, does anybody know? Im in Manchester area and seem to be the only one having probs :/ 🙁

  119. Cristina says:

    I live in the Croydon CR7 area as per the above i'm having problems with receiving and making calls from home/in my area for the past week. No tone either way when calling or receiving calls. It's very hit and miss, mostly miss may i add. I have spoken to o2 several times and they have advised there have been maintenance works with different end dates every time i call. The problem has got no better. I'm still unable to call and receive calls from home. What is going on with o2???? What is the issue?? When is it going to be resolved as it's severely frustrating and it's been going on for more than a week now? Sort it out o2 please!!

  120. sharon says:

    I have an Iphone 3gs and for at least the last month have been having major issues with texts sent to me not being received and this is causing lots of problems I also have a problems lots of times that people ring me my phone goes immediately to answerphone, even if I have a full signal. I have spoken to O2 who supplied me with a new sim card which I have started using and also done a complete re-start of the phone but am still having major problems??? Can anyone give me any other ideas?

  121. Guy says:

    I have had exactly the same as Sharon, above……… only for the last 2 yrs. Keep getting fobbed off by O2, being told i have to call someone other department. Just emailed for teh 6th time this year, as have no signal whatsoever.

    To summarise:
    Full signal (in a variety of locations and areas of the country) and no incoming calls – first I know is when I get a voicemail alert text, anything up to 4 days later!!! (And that wasn't a one off – happens 2-3 times per week!).
    Very very poor email access/reliability.
    Very very poor web access – connects about 1 in 5 attempts….. then usually drops out on the 2nd or 3rd page.

    Tried new SIM card, different phones, etc etc. Been advised that I have grounds to terminate my contract on grounds of inconsistent & unreasonable service provision.

  122. Jill says:

    For the past few weeks it is taking up to 4 days for me to receive texts from people. I seem to be able to send them but don't know that they get them cos I never get a reply! Also having trouble ringing people and keep getting the message "network busy". Not sure if it is my phone or if it's worth reporting it to 02??

  123. bernadette cook says:

    hi 02 down again not been able to phone or tex anyone for a week called in shop in oldham they gave me a new sim card ! and said the network was down ,not much use if i have a breakdown in the car changing to another network !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  124. daveO says:

    Hi I can’t call out or send msgs keeps sayin call failed and cross nxt to msgs. . I’ve still got 3g and can still use bbm and net.3days no change

  125. Tom says:

    I have had reall problems on o2 (TESCO) i cant access any 3g data etc but txts and calls are fine is there any problems to note???????????????????????????????????????????????

  126. Jack says:

    I'm on O2 and frequently experience problems with not receiving texts or calls, yet being able to send/make them. Tried the sim in several phones but it makes no difference when the texts come through. Spoke to O2 so many times about this its ridiculous! Wish they'd get the finger out and sort it!

  127. debbie says:

    i have a pay as you go 02 and have bad signal where i live, often have to go outside house to get signal. now i cant make or receive calls even though i have signal showing. on display it looks like its ringing then says call ended. when people call me they cant hear me. phoned 02 and said problem with my phone not the network. my partner is on 02 contract and he is having identical problems so definately not our phones.

  128. KEV says:


  129. jay says:

    Keeps going call failed and I sent textes and people get them 4hours later. They send or try and call me and they cant. Am from slough. Starting to get annoyed with o2

  130. Mick says:

    myself and daughter are on o2 blackberry 8900 and 8520 and my wife is on nokia c3 tesco and all has been ok until last friday 11th she cannot receive our texts but we can see hers.. She is receiving texts from other users ok on o2 network , any suggestions

  131. aurora50 says:

    help! since friday midnight i haven't been able to ring 1 number in particular but can text and send voice mails as long as the recipients fone is off … anyone else got this problem please ?

  132. Shahina says:

    Hey I just bought a new Samsung s8000 and also I just got new o2 sim card from the conner shop .. Now I’m having problems with my network it comes on then goes off again I can’t talk to any one more than 2 minutes because the network will go off and also I’ll get a text like hours later when the network will eventually work … The signal is actually dead for some reason … I don’t if it’s the phone or the sim card …

  133. seadog says:

    i'm on the tesco mobile network which uses the 02 network can't make any phone calls can recieve textsand calls. anyhelp would be magic !!!

  134. Charlie says:

    Well hello every one I'm effected today can't call or get called or send text messages but i can receive texts so it's realy weird and my father is the same because we were trying to meet for lunch and my phone B-zurk.

  135. Steven says:

    SE UK – I had issues sending texts earlier today, "Message sending failed, try again later." It resolved itself and I didn't think much of it until people started talking about o2 issues and googling it. Figured I'd share.

  136. gemma says:

    i've noticed that my phone is not working at all..no signal, cant ring out or send message to my friends and cant go on web either!!! i only noticed it at 4.00am in the morning and today!! when will it go back to normal!!!

  137. Hannah says:

    I'm not on O2, my friend is, i've been receiving texts off her, and she is not getting my replys, this has been like this for weeks, what is the problem?!?!?!

    1. hi irene, if you google “o2 network status” then type in your postcode in the box it will tell you what the problem is in your area, i just did it and it said that a mast in my area is not working, it is limited information because it didnt say they were trying to fix the problem or roughly how long it would take, thats the best i can suggest, good luck.

  138. I live in fife scotland, we had a bad storm on monday 23/05 but since tues i have not been able to make any calls it keeps coming up “call ended” or “user busy” or “network unavailable” and we were both in the same room, the same goes for sending texts, nightmare. I cant even get through to o2 customer services to hear what they have to say about it. My partner is with 3network and he is having similar problems we also have the internet with 3 and its playing up as well, any feedback would be much appreciated. 🙁

  139. I am in 02 and have an iPhone4. About an hour ago i received a message and then shortly afterwards my phone started saying ‘no service’! I have rebooted and cleaned the sim many times! I called customer services and they are sending me a new sim so I am assuming they do not know of an issue!! Oh, I am in Essex.

  140. I am in 02 and have an iPhone4. About an hour ago i received a message and then shortly afterwards my phone started saying ‘no service’! I have rebooted and cleaned the sim many times! I called customer services and they are sending me a new sim so I am assuming they do not know of an issue!! Oh, I am in Essex.

  141. i have had no signal now for 2 days o2 say no problem here.yet others have same prob n our phones all work elsewhere.the advisors lol all tell me diff things each time call. what a joke oh i,m on yorks lancs border

  142. ken says:

    Hi i live in borders near galashiels scotland and since 10pm tonite i cant get siugnal i am pist rite off i cant see my kids and was speaking to them on the phone and it just went off then says emergency calls only i dont have them this month and they will think am not talking. i live in countryside and it is to far to go to shops till tomoz NITMARE GRRRR 02 is crap tonite.

  143. Treowth says:

    I live in South Wales, I’m literally 300 metres from the mast yet I cannot get a signal at home. I have to walk 100 metres up the road to get a decent signal. For the last two days I have been unable to get any internet access anywhere.

  144. Zibi says:

    Hi all o2 users I’m having problems with my both accounts they are certain hours during the day when I cant phone anyone because disconnecting me at 1st second and all messages have 30+ min delays same on pay monthly as on pay & go. After being 5 years with O2 they lost a lot in my eyes now and they may be loosing customer.

  145. G_cannings says:

    Can’t call at all from my home area even though have signal bars on phone, when try to call it says no network coverage.  A few days ago it was fine though.  Will be buying a vodaphone asap as need reception for work and safety.  O2 absolute rubbish even their website doesn’t appear to be working

  146. shells says:

    02 in Northern Ireland, approx. 7 miles from Belfast… no bars, limited service and / or no access to network, comes and goes erratically! Rather annoyed as partner is away working and cant get in touch :'(

  147. Julie says:

    I have had this problem 7 weeks. Can’t receive incoming texts immediately,(takes about two days) and for calls the phone dosn’t ring but lets me know at its convenience if I have a call…  send texts ok. I am unwell, and find this very inconvenient.I have spoken to customer services – they say no problem in my area – Kensington, Central London. I am now on my second sim card (just in case it was that) and on my third phone – supplies by O2 shop. Manager has been helpful, but can’t resolve. I’ve been with O2 ten years…time to move on I think..
    I’m grateful to see all these messages…at least I know its not just me …

  148. TheWhafro says:

    Keep getting No Network Connection am unable to make or receive calls or text messages.  Spoken to o2 usual rubbish theirs no problem from their end.  This has been going on for three days.  Little tip that has sort of worked for me…Go to connection settings manually select network as opposed to automatically,  select non 3g networks also as it seems to be the 3g that’s causing the problem hope this helps 🙂

  149. viv says:

    cant make or recieve calls texts are sending sometimes and not others. friends and colleagues on o2 having the same problems. it’s been like this for two days. nightmare. this is making a difficult relationship situation even worse!    tayside

  150. TheWhafro says:

    Supposedly o2 were in fact working on some issues in London which is what has caused the problems that many on the o2 network were experiencing.  Would have been nice for them to acknowledge this instead of lying to everyone as per usual and perhaps some form of compensation to those worst affected would be a nice gesture seen as we create billions of pounds of profit for this and other companies a year…

  151. NickS says:

    Had problems for last couple of weeks. No bars sometimes, constantly searching for network and unable to send texts and calls. I have been with O2 for almost 2 years with no issues but last few weeks its been a nightmare. according to the O2 network status everything is tickety boo but clearly its not.

    My contract is up in 1 month so I will be moving on to a different network.  

  152. Cheerios04 says:

     ive had problems for about 4 mouth now i send messages to my other half about 3 – 4 weeks ago and he still not got any of my text….. also when i called my other half he didn’t get missed calls from me. now im having problems with texting a friend on 02 where its not sending at all and still got my free text and calls….. right now its getting worse

  153. TheWhfro says:

    A tip for people on o2…if you put *0# at the start of your text then a space after the*0# you will in fact receive a delivery report once the text has been sent to the recipient I’ve been doing this for years as its always safer with o2 as they frequently have network problems.  🙂

  154. Willithewilf says:

    For several months we have had issues with our o2 service.

    I have contacted customer services on several occasions with no resolution.

    The problem is, any O2 mobile when in the LE7 3 area can make out going calls and they have full signal.
    However when people call us, often it goes straight to voice mail then takes up to 4 hours to be informed we have a voice mail.
    We have tried all the usual fixes, Eg turn phones on and off, new sim cards, changed handsets, changed settings.
    None of this has worked.

    We have 7 phones based in this area, we have had to purchase Orange pay as you go phones and divert our O2 hand sets.

    Time to switch

  155. Cheerios04 says:

    when this stated may 11 2010 and mine started on this day and I’m still getting problems with them and its almost 2012 help 02 :< help its really pissing me off there is no better then 02 and i want to stay with o2 but you know almost 3 years with the problem
    A) text late sometimes 6 7 hours late sometimes 4 days late
    B) my panter didn't get any od my missed calles
    C) wouldnt let me call or text sometimes


  156. Ryan Faza92 says:

    my mast is not workingbeen like this for weeks now longer i an p*** off cant there get off there a**# and fix it and do up date info on the net f****## krap

  157. Pey says:

    Been having same problem can’t receive or make calls O2 are full of s–t they said it was my SIM i replaced it with a new one they sent to me 3 days later same problem!!! Its time to say F–K O-F O2 as good as they have beem.

  158. Threadkiller says:

    3 identical phones in the house all on Tesco mobile. which is O2 network

    Up untill 10th everything
    was working OK then texts started arriving late, either just minuits or in
    batches hours late. The batches seemed to come after a phone call.

    On the
    11th I noticed that all the phones had the same problem they struggled to
    connect to each other, outside phones and recieve incomming calls

    This is
    what usually happened.

    The recieving phone goes straight into one of
    these, no ringing whatsoever…

    Beep then a blank screen . “Call ended”
    on screen before blank
    It has not been possible to connect…
    Welcome to Tesco
    mobile messaging service….
    This phone is switched off….

    Ive tested
    all phones extensivly indoors and out doors of the 33 calls ive tryed today 12
    out of 33 calls connected

    same percentage yesterday 1 in 3

    obviously I find this unacceptable and have rung Tesco and they
    are not aware of a problem and am awaiting another call sometime soon

  159. Threadkiller says:

    Anyone in the Huddersfield area been having trouble since the 10th Jan 2011.
    Phones are on and showing good signal
    When calling I usally get one of these responses…
    Beep then a blank screen . “Call ended” on screen before blank screen
    It has not been possible to connect…
    Welcome to Tesco mobile messaging service….
    This phone is switched off….

    Beep then a blank screen . “Call ended” on screen before blank screen

    It has not been possible to connect…

    Welcome to Tesco mobile messaging service….

    This phone is switched off….

  160. Lee Cordall says:

    recently bought an iphone 4 for my partner on o2 payg. everything seemed fine until she tried to send a text message. kept coming up with error all the time but she was able to recieve text messages aswell as send and recieve calls. we went to the apple store to see if they knew what was going on but they basically told me it was a problem with o2 so i went to see them and they told me it was a problem with the iphone. he entered a long digit number in the keypad and it appeared to have sorted it out but my partner switched her phone off that night and back on the next morning to find that it wasnt working again!! so seems to be a problem with the iphone on o2. the guy at the o2 shop also said this was a very common problem and has had lots of people come with the same problem. hope this can be sorted out asap as its getting abit of a pain now

  161. Fred says:

    I live in North Lincs and since early December 2011 a lot of incoming calls are silent even when the name comes up on the screen so it is someone I know and not an auto dialler! The caller seems to be able to hear me so I ask them to ring back and then we can hear each other !
    Carphone Warehouse told me it was my phone so i’ve tried another handset but the problem persists.
     My wife is also on O2 nad has problems with her phone as well but hers are usually texts coming through in batches sometimes hrs after they were sent.  
    Its getting very frustrating.

  162. Deadwards says:




  163. Pineapple says:

    I’ve literally had almost no signal for 2 weeks now.. its ridiculous and if it carries on i’m changing networks. They’ve never had any problems before so they’ve annoyed a lot of people now and need to get it sorted and stop messing around with everything

  164. Linda_craig1 says:

    omg where do i start i have two phones on simplicity for myself and my daughter i get 300 minutes she gets 600 minutes and they have started putting them together for the past 12 days and they are now saying i have went way over my minutes even although my text tell me i have 69 minutes left huge bill now even with them saying they will reimburse some of it would rather go back to pay as you go but still have another 10 months on contract

  165. PAM WILLIAMS91 says:

    not able to use mobile due to intermittent reception prblems in my local area. WHEN WILL I BE ABLE TO USE MY PHONE, NOT HAPPY.

  166. Slawek_j says:

    I just upgraded contract in O2 and i can make call (sametimes) or send a taxt message my whif did upgrage few weaks ago and she got this same problem also my friends.

  167. Jen Beech84 says:

    I am in Northumberland and have no service at all, I have had it here before and have even moved about going into towns but still nothing, is there a problem with O2 at the moment? Even my dad down south is in the situation.

  168. frances kay says:

    im in liverpool , got my self  a B B  that’s working ok  ,had a samsung got fed up with it never worked right did about ten text and all i got was  no connection .

  169. Forevereverton2007 says:

    apparently a mast o2 mast close to me has been down for 2 weeks now very intermitent service no internet my daughter has had no bbm for the past few days,sent emails complaining to giffgaff and just been palmed off with a load of shite no mention when it would be fixed,by the way giffgaff is owned by o2 terrible service from normally a great company

  170. Forevereverton2007 says:

    o2 are also stating on there website that they have 200 engineers working to fix any problems eg masts ect .where the hell are they over 2 weeks now with crappy service they  will lose a lot of customers with service like this

  171. Linda100784 says:

    Im in Northern Ireland and my text sending is impossible I get calls sometimes and mid conversation it cuts off.Whats going on and when or will this problem be resolved????????????????

  172. Josie Sedman says:

    my samsung  and my daughter blackberry bold we both on  02  wont let me call out or text  and wont ring when people trying to get through to me it cuts them off and they thinkl im ignoring them  is it 02 faults or ours please let me know if anyone having same problems thank u

  173. John Rey says:

    I live in Broughton near Kettering Northants. My wife and I are both on o2 and both of us have noticed a big reduction in signal strength over the past year. I am in the process of asking o2 if there is a problem. I wont hold my breath

  174. Coldfussion says:

    I have had a similar problem. When I make or receive a call I am able to hear but the other end is getting a choppy reception. This happens all the way up my street with other. O2 customers. My partner and son do not have any such problems as they are on different networks, virgin and orange.

    Looks like I will be changing provider when contract is up

    Cipher Prime

  175. Coltrim says:

    2 o2’s here. My phone signal zero. Wifes phone perfect signal. Rang o2 and they have a network problem that they are working on apparently. Only affecting some devices, not all. I’m sure all of my customers will be sympathetic and understanding…NOT!
    I’ll give it 24 hours and then will have to change providers before I go out of business.

  176. Mbukw5 says:

    11th may 2012 – from 2pm today i ahd no service, no network coverage, and my phone states my sim is not recognized, just heard the O2 network is down due to technical errors

  177. Coltrim says:

    2 hours ago, my wifes ‘phone was fully working, but even though it’s still showing full signal, it will no longer dial out or receive calls! What’s that all about?
    Been in touch with Orange to ask gow quickly they can get a sim card out to me as I desperately need this ‘phone for my customers to contact me. Got to go through the tiresome time consuming PAC code system first if I need to keep my existing number it seems.

    Never realised just how important my mobby is / WAS until today! 🙁

  178. Aardvark Stephen says:

    I live in Weymouth Dorset I have had no reception for about 2 hours now,can not make call send txts or receive them. There is a problem, sort it o2.   

  179. Robertnutrack says:

    Come on O2 or is this going to be a bad as the banks 3weeks!
    tell us the when we will all be back on.
    Please make a statement on the problem.

      1. Robertnutrack says:

        Ulster bank is part of RBS banking system and the Ulster bank and customers are still having problems.
        I was just saying is O2 going to be as bad , hope not

  180. Peterlord says:

    On business tariff 10 mobiles, no coverage since midday, lost a lot of business in Devon, what is going on even o2  web fault page is down

  181. Heidimclean says:

    I live in Scotland in a rural area and have not been able to use my phone,text or call all day. I’m EXTREMLY annoyed as I’m paying fir a service I can’t get.

  182. Jan502 says:

    i have just taken out a new contract and found i cannot phone out or text with it today can you tell us what the problem is and what you are doing about it as i am not best pleased as my mother relies on my phone as she is housebound and needs contact 

  183. stavros1067 says:

    my partner is having the same problem she can phone out and send texts but i cant call her but my phone is working ok. we are in the same house

  184. pat says:

    no o2 signal from about 2.30 i can text and phone other people who r not with 02, we need to use are phones so come on 02 fix the problem pat liverpool.

  185. Louisa says:

    ive not been able to use my phone since this after noon and i am so annoyed bbm out no internet cant get hold of no1 and they cant get hold of me WHATS GOING ON!!!!!!

  186. john says:

    No O2 signal since 2.00pm…is this really acceptable in this day and age!..my wages depends on my mobile..i have lost at least £100 of work…O2 live status site has crashed!.. hense no live updates!…..not a happy bunny!

    1. V Tully says:

      ive had no signal either since this afternoon, but just been able to use the internet in the last hour on my phone but still cant phone or recieve calls, i live in newcastle

  187. Kelly says:

    i have a contract phone from o2 so does my mom and dad and all our phones wont work, says sos , cant even dial 202 to find out, so sick of o2 at the moment, what type of service is this when you cant use your phone for like 10hrs, full on joke, i hope something is going to be down about it.

  188. AICHA says:


  189. Wendy says:

    Me too – since this afternoon. Very frustrating. Can’t believe still no comment from O2 – at least tell us what’s going on …please

  190. MARGARET BOYLE says:


  191. Ezlovesuall says:

    Please can someone tell me what is going on, I have tried to get on o2 site to find out but nothing, I have tried looking on google but nothing and I NEED my phone for work!!!

  192. Melanie Estelle3 says:

    I have nhad probs texting and not being connected while trying to use my mobile with an O2 network….I am in south wales since last thurs

  193. Roslyn says:

    I am in Co Durham and my phone is affected, my husband’s 02 not so.  This is utterly disgraceful. Is there compensation from this company does anyone know?

  194. George Mauchline says:

    Am just wondring about when ur o2 crashed was told i would get my £10 rewards nothiing happened and when i had my old no..07743176960 1 bought a pay go go doulb. and ur personel instore who sold me it knew i bought it but the guy on. phone more or less called me a liaer even when. i had the texyt say my pay and go would start on the 8th. so coz that am going into urstore to cancelled my contract. my new phone no.07808198696

  195. Seeker says:

    I live in Lincoln, and both my son and myself are having problems with no signal. They can’t charge for a service which they are not providing. I went into the local 02 shop, and they just shrugged their shoulders and said they were having slight problems with the network. It sounds fairly major to me.

  196. O2 contract. Absolutely ridiculous!! . Impossible to get in contact with any one! Internet is fine but text/ bbm has been down all day. Says I have 4bars signal, but wont send messages. Second time recently O2 have had issues, what compensation will we get? If I didn’t have a contract I’d switch networks now.

  197. Yes I’ve been having problems since 3.30 this afternoon 12 th October. I’m fed up its second time and it messes up my busineesss appointments as I depend on my phone all day. Might switch networks.

  198. I’m in Ireland, Dublin, having problems, they changed my last phone because of it yesterday, replacement phone same issues, keep loosing signal, now 02 are telling me it’s the network not the phone, I don’t know what to believe. I have another 02 phone and so does my son, and neither of those phones are having an issue, they said only some numbers are effected ??

  199. SEAN says:

    I have changed 3 chips with 02. As that’s what they stated the problem was which it isn’t. I swapped my phone with my daughter and she is on 3 network no problems. In kettering itself there are 2 masks one in the town centre and one at the top of deeble rd. The deeble road one hasn’t been working for over 7 months hence why everyone is using one mask which is in the town centre. I really cant wait for my contract to end with 02 as I fefuse to pay of the sum there asking. Money grabbing aint the word there looking after themselves and the insurance isn’t worth the paper its wrote on. My power button wouldn’t turn off when I approached 02 they wanted 60 quid. Do yourself a big favour and stay clear of 02.

  200. David Davies says:

    I’m 80 years old. My recently departed disabled friend, of many years, we both opted for the SimpleMobile as our emergency – low complexity link. The Orange ‘Racoon’ service seemed the most obvious.
    This year, my friend finally succumbed to his disability, and, i’m thankful we didn’t have to use the service we purchased. even though we made the ‘keep the service alive’ telephone calls, within the stipulated time frames, now, you cannot access your credit balance – ‘Service not available!’. I’m so happy that we jointly chose the ‘pay as you go’ option. There is no way I would contemplate entering a contract with potential ‘fly by nights’.

    C’mon. 20 Million users, just waiting to b e ‘sucked dry’ by the mobile phone companies. Do you now see why they paid such huge amounts to governements, for their licenses.
    I agree, you will never save a deposit for that dream home – all the time you are bleeding 7K per annum from your salary, to feed the Mobile Phone charges. Check it ouit.

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