o2 Network UK Problems Caused by Construction Work

Yesterday we sounded off because of the O2 Network problems that were occurring across the UK and the feedback we got back from readers came in masses.

A message that we have just seen in the O2 Forum says “There has been a network failure at a YATEs point where construction work has knocked off the power. The whole of the O2 network in the UK is having problems due to this and have no timescales to when this will be fixed. Customer services had over a thousand people in the queue by the time it got to 8:45pm and most advisors would have been unaware until this point.”

Other networks such as Vodafone and Orange were having problems also; please let us know if you were affected.

We would like O2 to come forward and send us an email to mark@phonesreview.co.uk and tell us what really happened, is the above the real reason what happened or was it caused by something completely different.


8 thoughts on “o2 Network UK Problems Caused by Construction Work”

  1. Bumbles says:

    Well, here we are……… it's now Thursday morning and my mobile phone has not worked since the problems with the O2 network on Tuesday night. I've rung O2 customer service twice, but they were about as much help as a chocolate parasol in a heatwave!!
    Is anyone else still unable to use their O2 mobile? (I'm in sunny Swansea) or is it just me??

  2. M. Bentley says:

    My O2 mobile stopped making outgoing calls Tuesday evening, while text messages were misreported as undelivered / retry? So I retried a number of times with the result that my contacts were bombarded with multiple duplicate messages. Still getting incoming calls/messages to my phone though.

    Emailed O2 yesterday, got this reply yesterday evening:

    " Thanks for emailing us and I'm sorry you're having problems with your coverage.

    Don't worry, we do know that there is a problem. We are looking into it and it should be fixed very soon. Unfortunately we don't know exactly how long it will take, but these things are usually fixed very quickly.

    Thanks for your patience ".

    Thursday afternoon and still not resolved. I need my phone for work which entails me travelling a lot. Not happy. Suppose I'll need to change to another provider if this isn't sorted soon.

  3. M. Bentley says:

    Further to my previous comment, like Bumbles, I am currently working in "sunny Swansea" too. Presumably then, the problem is regional?

  4. Ian Davies says:

    I’m a site Manager in Nottingham, phone either cuts off or does not dial, signal up and down, but even when showing full bar service still unavailable. Can someone order a skip for me please!

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