o2 Network Problems via Facebook Readers: May Coincidence

The O2 UK network problems are still occurring with many of our readers and we would like to know if anyone else is having service issues.

If you visit our Phones Review Facebook page a couple of readers have commented about the O2 network not working, one reader said that it has not been working since Monday 2300 hours. We would like to know more about this.

Another reader said “I’m having O2 network problems again today. The O2 phone line has a message saying there is a problem with the service. This seems to keep happening”, they are also having problems with text messages.

We reported back on May 11, 2010 about O2 having problems with its network and got a massive response where over 200 commenter’s complained, it seems like it is happening again in May. Think about it because last year’s network problems happened in May and now it is happening again this May.

How come there were O2 network problems last May of 2010 and now in May 2011, please do use the commenting area provided below and let us know if you are having problems with you O2 network service. Thanks


15 thoughts on “o2 Network Problems via Facebook Readers: May Coincidence”

  1. char says:

    my o2 network hasnt been working since early this morning i'm from kent and really hope this gets sorted out soon i can send or recieve texts or make phone calls.

  2. Rose says:

    My daughter and 2 of my friends are uncontactable today, all on O2
    Annoyingly, my daughter was supposed to be coming round for a lift, but cancelled via a text which I did not get, therefore making me late for work waiting for and trying to ring her, then eventually going to her house- sigh

  3. Bex says:

    Nope, have intermittent signal, am able to ring family in Bristol but not call my partner in London, I'm in dartford/crayford area no txts at all thanks o2 for keeping your on website upto date…not!!

  4. CG01 says:

    Service is out all day – then earlier got it back for few mins but its out again. Why 02 don't you bother to inform your customers via web-site ! Joke – will change my contract

  5. Barb says:

    Have had problems on and off all day. Thought it was my phone so I kept switching it off and on. Couldn't phone out and texts were taking ages to get through!

  6. crystal says:

    Been out since about 7 oclock this morning, have been waiting for an extremely important call from a hospital and not been able to recieve it…we pay for this service! its a joke! i understand its not thier fault if their site has been damaged vandalised theft or what ever but they could at least keep thier site updated as to what is going on so we ( the people that pay o2 to provide us a service) know whats going on and if theres any new updates. unfortunately for me i cannot change my contract for another 15 months otherwise believe me id be going elsewhere!.

  7. chris says:

    I have had the same issues with my iphone 3gs going into search mode when using 3g. It seemed to have started about a month ago. I tried everything- rebooting, cleaning sim, resetting network settings and upgrade the phone's firmware, with no luck. I ended up following the advice from another poster who mentioned replacing sim cards with numbers containing 0063 and 0064. Mine was 0063 and I just replaced it with a new sim from 02. All is well with my phone and I can use 3g again!

  8. ft says:

    I have had disgraceful service from O2 since I moved home a year ago. I have 1-2 bars at best, and frequently no signal at home or in the area. I can never use the phone to make a call as the signal fluctuates. It’s an issue in my local town. Despite repeated appeals to O2 they do nothing and keep taking the money, even when the phone is not used. I’ve even paid £150 for a booster arial which has given me only 1 bar extra of coverage and only in the room where the unit is. Their attitude is seriously disgraceful and they will say anything just to get you off the phone. i will never ever buy an o2 service again.

  9. Latyres says:

    For 6 weeks I’ve had problems with 02 ,I’ve rang customer service told them the issues I’m having,I.e when I’m making a call must call a few times to get connection,keep getting call failed,circuit unavailable.they said replace sim,they sent new sim ,same problem,changed handsets,upgraded software on my blackbery,after all this ,guess what?
    Same problem!!

  10. Kimmccard says:

    ive been with o2 for 10 years and have only recently started having problems with my internet conection and sometimes phone calls but apart from that ive never had any dificulty at all

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