Slacker Launches Premium Radio With Offline Access

Slacker, the Internet radio provider has now introduced a new level to their subscription based service called Premium Radio and the new paid for Premium Radio runs alongside the existing free Basic Radio and add-free Radio Plus plans.

According to the guys over at Engadget, those that opt to subscribe to the new Slacker Premium Radio at a cost of $9.99 per month get everything the Radio Plus plan offers along with unlimited access so 8 million tracks when they like and to whatever they like.

The senior vice president of marketing at Slacker, Jonathan Sasse says, “Slacker Premium Radio provides music lovers with the best of both. We believe the combination of a world class radio service providing music discovery up front with on-demand access to any song and entire albums is the winning combo.”

With the Premium Radio the user can also create their own custom playlist, set the exact order of your songs and edit the playlist at any time and you can even store custom playlists to your memory card enabling offline music access to such devices as the iPhone, iPod Touch and Apple iPad along with BlackBerry and Android handsets.


One thought on “Slacker Launches Premium Radio With Offline Access”

  1. Pete Kottmann says:

    They now have an iPad version and free trial offer via FB. However, you can not redeem the offer from the iPad! It states the page not available on mobile device… Like many others, my ipad is my primary device and offering a free trail one can not redeem makes no marketing sense.

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