New 2012 O2 outage affecting millions of customers, fix promised

Most of us would feel completely lost if we lose or go out somewhere without our mobile phones, but millions of O2 customers have experienced this problem during 2012 without doing either of these things. Now some more network downtime has today been affecting the carrier’s long suffering subscribers.

The carrier had a major problem with a network outage in the summer, which led to it offering compensation to users, now fast forward to today and millions of the carrier’s users have again been unable to make calls or send SMS messages according to The Telegraph.

This latest problem hit users today and according to the carrier has seen ten percent of its customers getting an intermittent service from around lunch time today. O2 has promised the issue will be resolved by tonight, but at the time of writing some users have been in contact saying the problem is ongoing.

Some customers first reported issues last night with users taking to social networks to voice their frustrations, with some reporting issues for eight hours with no end in sight. One user suggested that the carrier better start thinking about offering compensation again after having no service for hours.

The company issued a statement saying that they look to have found what was causing the problem, and were hard at work to put things right. While the company didn’t go into details about the cause many users spoke about the network “disappearing” in a number of regions in the country.

This comes after a more widespread outage hit the network back in the summer, but O2 has stated that this fault was not caused by the same problem. It does seem that this latest outage is affecting fewer users than July’s problem, but it will still be frustrating for those affected as well as being embarrassing for the carrier.

Have you had issues with O2?


12 thoughts on “New 2012 O2 outage affecting millions of customers, fix promised”

  1. Craig says:

    I have cancelled my O2 direct debit, let them chase me, been without signal this morning, cwmbran, south wales, still no signal now, twice in 3 months, the millions they earn and top notch technicians they employ and this is the service I receive. Orange or 3 here I come.

  2. Vicky says:

    my signal and coverage has never been right since the last outage
    my 3g has never been reliable and o2 just fob you off
    I check the status site and it tells me that I have no signal issues yet my phone clearly does
    Ive never been happy with the iphone4 on o2 and I am seriously now thinking about sacking both and moving to another network and a new contract
    I have honestly had enough
    it’s 20.43 on the 12 and I still have no signal and no texts from my boyfriend who is also on o2 are getting through

  3. Johnny Mayfair says:

    My O2 iphone contract ends 14th October and on Monday & Im changing to Galazy Note 2 and going with another service. This is the second time O2 ruined my day, first in July when I was on the way to Heathrow for a NY flight and couldnt get any service until I landed in NY. I had to atch up on all my calls and pay the roaming charges for those calls which they refused to compensate me for, except for the 10% they offered in July. Now they are ruing my Friday night since I cant get in touch with any friends with my phone. O2 what are you thinking? Bye bye its 20:48 on Friday night and still NO service 🙁

  4. Grez says:

    O2 are useless! My phone stopped working around 1pm today and still tonight at 9:10pm my phone is useless! No phone, no access to the Internet or SMS… What’s going on O2?!!!!!!!

  5. Patrick says:

    My phone stopped working at approx 5pm today, O2 are pathetic, they think they can offer £10 compensation, no way, not this time, i run my own Business and rely heavily on my Phone for Customers to Contact me, i intend to take Legal Action against O2 this time.

  6. Little H-G says:

    Likewise – I have now been without service since midday. Added to which, they commited to give a 10% discount to all their customers in their July bill as an apology for outage but same amount as usual was taken from my bank account. Haven’t got round to taking this up with them yet but will definitely do so now. Good job i have use of company mobile on Vodafone network!

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