New iPhone release with larger screen hopes dashed

New iPhone release with larger screen hopes dashed

For years after the release of the original iPhone the company stuck to its guns and only provided a 3.5-inch display on its smartphone while rival company’s devices continued to get bigger. Now hopes of a new iPhone release with a larger screen have been dashed following comments from the Apple CEO. Apple finally increased […]

Apple vs Samsung in Cook and Jobs disagreement


Many of you will be aware of the well-documented litigation wars of Apple vs. Samsung and sometimes to be frank it seems that these patent disputes will never end. One thing you may not have known though is that current Apple CEO Tim Cook and the late CEO Steve Jobs were actually in disagreement about […]

iPhone 5 sent by Tim Cook, Mark Zuckerberg explains

facebook ipphone 5

Love it or hate it there are a vast number of people that use the social networking site Facebook, whether it is sitting in front of a laptop or desktop PC or via a mobile device. The success of the site has made CEO Mark Zuckerberg a very wealthy man, but that doesn’t stop him […]

True facts about iPhone 5 engine and glass in US

True facts about iPhone 5 engine and glass in US

The are so many people out there that believe the iPhone 5 will be made in China at the Foxconn plant, but then after watching the video that we have added below for your viewing pleasure states by the Apple CEO himself “Tim Cook” that the iPhone Engine is made in Austin and the glass […]

iPhone 5 or iOS 5, what one will steal the show

iPhone 5 or iOS, what one will steal the show

Only 4 hours to go and the big Apple “Let’s Talk iPhone” event will start, but what product will steal the show; will it be iPhone 5 or iOS 5? There is a lot of speculation in what will be revealed today, we all seem to think a new iPhone and the new iOS 5 […]