iPhone 5 or iOS 5, what one will steal the show

Only 4 hours to go and the big Apple “Let’s Talk iPhone” event will start, but what product will steal the show; will it be iPhone 5 or iOS 5?

There is a lot of speculation in what will be revealed today, we all seem to think a new iPhone and the new iOS 5 will be unveiled by Apple’s CEO Tim Cook later, but will both or only one be announced?

The new iPhone 5 will be fantastic news, and we will be on the edge of our seats wondering what the real specifications and features will be, but it is iOS 5 that will have many more features such as “Voice Assistant”, natural speech commands is a very good addition to have with the new operating system, which will work on both iPhone 4 and future iPhone’s.

There is so much we would like to know today, would Sprint be the exclusive holders of the new iPhone 5, will the iPhone 5 blow us away after so much online hype? We could ask questions all day long, so we will wait until the event kicks off.

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