BlackBerry beating iPhone in India

Despite every iOS fan wanting you to believe the iconic iPhone is dominate across the globe, there are places where the iPhone isn’t do too well surprisingly, and one such place is the world’s second largest mobile phone market…India, where BlackBerry is still beating the iPhone.

According to an article over on The Times of India, Apple actually ships less iPhone handsets in India than they do in Norway, with both BlackBerry and Nokia selling more mobile phones in India.

According to Scotia Capital analyst Gus Papageorgiou, apparently sales of the iPhone in India are hampered by carriers not yet offering nationwide services fast enough to take advantage of the iPhone features and says, “RIM got the right product, the right timing, the right app.”

Estimates from IDC has it that Apple shipped some 62,043 iPhone handsets to India during the quarter ending June 30th, which is less than to Israel, Belgium and Norway, with Apple accounting for 2.6 percent of India’s smartphone shipments for the quarter, whilst IDC estimates Nokia accounts for 46 percent, Samsung for 21 percent and BlackBerry for 15 percent.

On the tablet front for the same period, according to IDC, Apple shipped 21,150 Apple iPad units to India or 0.2 percent of its global total.

The director of marketing for RIM India, Krishnadeep Baruah says, “RIM plans to extend its lead over Apple after expanding distribution to 80 cities from 15starting last year. We want to ride this wave. This is really the time to expand into the emerging towns and cities.”

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