Linksys CIT200 Cordless Skype Phone

Linksys CIT200 Cordless VoIP Skype Phone
The Linksys CIT200 looks just like a normal landline phone but it is not it’s Skype Phone which uses VoIP Technology, this means that you just connect it to your computer and it uses your internet connection with the aid of some software called Skype you can walk around the house as this phone is cordless to make calls to other people that you know who have Skype installed on there PC’s as well.
The base station that comes with it is also its charger as well and has a hand free facility.
Its display is well lit and will display all your contacts you have when you have your Skype program running.
The main base can handle up to four other phones and can then be used as intercoms between each phone.


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  1. Ok I have had second thoughts about buying this voip phone, but that said it is fantastic to have a cordless voip phone, I was just sitting in my front room talking to my brother on this phone and it is as clear as a home phone (this phone & skype and anyone can have a total free phone calling solution just like me)…gotta love it.

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