Olympia Cordless Dual Phone

Olympia Cordless Dual Telephone
The dual phone from Olympia connects to your pc via a usb port and also a standard telephone line as well, on one hand you can use your phone how you always do and then you can install skype on your computer and as long as you know someone else with skype you can talk to them with VoIP which is free.
The other great thing is as these are cordless phones you can be up to 300 metres away from the main base and still make a call through the internet, how much do you want one now.

Features Include
– DECT which is a European standard for cordless telephones
– 30 entries for redial and 30 for call logs
– Dual Connection – Standard Land Line and Skype VoIP
– One ring for land phone and another for Skype
– Indoor range of up to 50 metres and an outdoors range of 300 metres
– 100 hours standby time and 6½ hours talk time
– 5 different ringing tones

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