BenQ Siemens EF51 Music Phone

This mobile phone from BenQ-Siemens is a great looking phone and at first glance the outside looks just like a music player with its controls but then just flip down the music control panel to reveal the phones key pad — great. The keys for the music player are nicely sized (large) for easy to use functions which are below the 1.6 inch TFT colour display.

With a FM radio and the media player for MP3, AAC, WMA and AAC+ and another cool feature added is that you can record from the radio to MP3. The other features on the EF51 is that there is a voice activated feature where you have a voice activated search function to search for your favourite tracks. It has a 1.3 megapixel camera which isn’t the best in the world but does take pictures, this mobile phone will be available in white or black and the price is not know yet.

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