Sony Ericsson Black Diamond Concept Phone

This is an amazing looking phone that we think should be in a display cabinet, this is a 4 megapixel phone that is stunning with its casing in a layer of polycarbonate with mirror finish cladding. The new OLED technology gives you the illumination under the polycarbonate which gives you a borderless design; the black diamond is ultra thin as well which looks absolutely marvellous. The glossy finish that this mobile phone gives you will stand out in any crowd.

What do you think about the new Black Diamond for Sony Ericsson — Why not tell everybody what you think by placing a comment in the box below.


13 thoughts on “Sony Ericsson Black Diamond Concept Phone”

  1. Sean says:

    luhem if you think your gonna get this phone hope you have $300,00 anf get it before the celebs cause there only four getting made ! and seriously four only !!!!

  2. tro33 says:

    first of all sony is not entitled to them anymore…VIPN now has the rights to the phone so all you sony fans tough luck hahaha… second of all ur not going to be able to buy one unless you have $300,000… yeah thats right 300k have fun getting the money for this one haha… and third of all they are only making five not four like the idiot said, but he was right when he said have fun getting them before the celebs do… paris hilton probably already sucked some major c*** and got three of these already hahaha well anyways there ya have it.

  3. Tyk says:

    Crazy price for crazy people, and some happy person must be laughing all the way to the bank. Whoever bought it, happy cleaning it 24/7. This kind of finishes is probably fingerprint nightmare. Wish sony ericsson will come up with more clamshell designs. This design, I don’t love.

  4. $pr3te33 says:

    its a great mobile but its a crazy price too

    only crazy plp r gettin it.,,.if i had the money i would spend it in another thing (girls) n´ i would fuck wit paris hilton.,lol

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