Drive Safely with ModooFree BT Car Kit

The worst thing we all can do is to drive whilst talking on the mobile, dangerous would be the best way of putting it, there are so many gadgets coming out but this one seems to be a favourite of ours that we are happy to review. This is the ModooFree BT that is a hands free Bluetooth in car kit that displays and announces incoming calls which displays on the rear view mirror. This kit is so easy to set up and is compatible with GSM, CDMA, TDMA and PDC phones and networks. The thing we love about the ModooFree car kit is that it has a 12 digit caller ID which also has voice announcements, changeable echo suppression and a surge prevention circuit.

We love reviewing phones and love for you to visit us as many times as possible to keep up with the latest on Phones Review so this is why we must insist please drive carefully and DO NOT DRIVE using your mobile phone. Thank you.


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