Motorola A1200 Moto PDA Phone

This is the new launch phone from Motorola and is called the A1200 Moto PDA that runs on Linux, this phone has a 2.4 inch touch screen which is great plus comes with a 128MB memory for storage. The CPU within is a Xscale PXA270 that is compatible with the office suite, so what else has the Motorola A1200 got, for starters it has the MSN Messenger integrated a 2 Mega Pixel camera and a cool feature where it can scan business cards with the camera and stores them in the contact section in the phones memory.

Bluetooth enabled and A2DP support. This is a nice PDA mobile business phone that we give the thumbs up for. The picture at the top shows 2 colours but there is also a black one.

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6 thoughts on “Motorola A1200 Moto PDA Phone”

  1. brian green says:

    got the A1200 and it looks kool, smart and sophisticated… problem is… motorola think so aswell and dont know how to repair it, for my motorola phone motorola dont knowhow to repair it nor make suggestions, steer clear or motorola, they should make A-Z’s that way they can tell the customers to get lost a lot better!!

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