KTF EV-K100 The Thinnest Phone

Come on the worlds thinnest phone this is great, I think Motorola will have to go on a diet soon because the KTF EV K100 is only ready for it 7.9mm thick, now that’s thin, this phone comes equipped with a 1.8inch LCD display, 1.3 megapixel camera, it just gets better an MP3 player with 165MB of built in memory which is great for your music. This mobile phone only weighs 60 grams, see its amazing told you — its amazing because you get all the good features crammed in a 7.9mm phone do you understand my friends.

Not sure on availability or price at this time but we will let you know, if you get to know before us then place a comment in the box below — your comments are always welcome we are one big happy family.


3 thoughts on “KTF EV-K100 The Thinnest Phone”

  1. Shaw says:

    this phone is very nice, ive held it, im buying it in 2 weeks cuz im stationed in korea. its also the phone from v for vendetta. for me it costs 210,000 won which is 210 bucks in america.many rumors about it coming to states i doubt it because that rumors with many phones from korea, although many phones from korea can be used in the states if you do your research, and this phone you can but that may be a rumor as well, i know that when im back in the states im going to verify that with verizon, but for its cost, its a great phone and ive done my research and have played with it, i hope this helps

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