O2 Recalls Overheating X1 Mobile Phones

There are about 28,000 O2 phones being recalled in a fear that they may overheat whilst charging and they have announced that it’s the X1 handsets. There have been many problems in the UK the last few months that the phones were overheating which is not good and very dangerous indeed. A spokesperson for O2 did stress thou that there were no serious consequences and that the phones are being recalled for safety measures.

They say that they are very serious when it comes to safety and that their customers safety is the most important to them, the X1 itself is about 2 years old now and they were discontinued about a year ago but they say there is around 28,ooo X1’s still in use.

PhonesReview are advising that you take this post seriously and that if anyone has an X1 that you should return their phone to the place where you bought it from and they will receive and upgrade.

O2 say if you have any queries about the X1 phone please contact them on — 0800 902 0212.

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