Virgin Mobile Laucnhes Switch Back Phone

This might not be the best looking phone in the world but then everyone has different tastes and styles, this phone does come jam packed with features thou, this is one of the first phones that comes with AOL Instant Messenger which is on the phone and ready to run plus has a QWERTY keypad that is hidden. The more we are reviewing this phone the more it seems to grow on us; it is of a clamshell design.

The phone has 2 screens — the screen on the front is for voice calls and if you turn the phone sideways then open the flip design you will reveal a widescreen and QWERTY keypad which is for emailing, texting, gaming, imaging and online browsing.

– Large hidden QWERTY keypad
– Dual display screens – External 65k color 128 X 128; Internal 65k color
– 128 X 160 widescreen
– VGA Camera with 32mb memory and five x digital zoom
– Integrated speakerphone
– Real-music ring tones
– WAP 2.0 Web Browser
– Integrated antenna
– Scheduler, calculator, alarm and stopwatch

We love this phone now, yes we know we said it was not the best phone around but when we sit and look at it for a while and how the phone works it just seems to be a great mobile phone.


6 thoughts on “Virgin Mobile Laucnhes Switch Back Phone”

  1. Naomi says:

    I Think dis phone its straight it has good featrs and easy to text ya who saying bad comments jus hate’n cuz ya cant afford one-peace

  2. Cody says:

    i have this phone and it is the best phone i have ever had and for thoses who say it is a chunky desine you probably dont have one, i do, it is not as bad as you think it is.

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